CAT Shelving IL Mining Shovel Production

Nancy Anderson
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Late last year, Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) had announced plans to expand its line of mining shovels in accordance with an increased demand for large mining trucks. The plan had extended to the production of 125-ton class mining shovels at its Aurora, IL production facilities, but this operation has been suspended pending CAT’s acquisition of Bucyrus International, which we’ve blogged about previously.

The Bucyrus acquisition, which is still pending regulatory and stockholder approval, is scheduled to complete in the middle of 2011. This purchase will add to Bucyrus’ existing portfolio of mining equipment, including excavators and mining shovels, to the Caterpillar line. Between the two companies, CAT and Bucyrus stand to offer the most expansive portfolio of heavy equipment in the global mining industry.

The mining shovel line at the Aurora plant would have added approximately 200 jobs to the plant’s workforce. In 2013, CAT’s excavator production is scheduled to be moved to Texas from Aurora, which may now result in an overall reduction in the workforce at the Illinois operation.

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