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Looking for ideas for a new post for you guys, I started looking over colleagues posts, my own old posts, popular newspaper posts, asking friends and even google search results for job hunting keywords. I realized I was doing something that all job searchers should be doing – I was using all of my avenues of information to find opportunity. Even avenues people wouldn't normally think of using. *GASP* I was thinking outside the box!

Your own personal avenues of opportunity will never directly mirror anyone elses because no two people live the exact same life. No one will know the same people, have the same past experiences and have the same ideas as you. With that being said, are you using your unique life opportunities to their fullest advantage?

Maybe your parent's neighbor is a retired business owner and you have just completed your accounting degree. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. The neighbors many years of experience make him the perfect person to ask about what he looked for in an accountant, or who over the years was his most memorable accountant and why. Plus you never know what connections the neighbor still has in the business world; he may be able to help you make some connections.

Perhaps you're lucky enough not to have to work a basic job right out of college, maybe you have a few months of downtime while you do some of your job search. Take a few hours a week and volunteer at an organization that can help you learn hands on skills in your field. Make a point of really thinking about how you can help them and they can help you in an outside of the box way. Graphic Design or Art major? Offer to design new pamphlets for a small non-profit or to paint their front office window to attract attention.

We often overlook opportunities simply because we don't see them. Look outside the box, color outside the lines, beat your own drum. Watch for my tips on looking outside the box in the next few weeks and get ready to expand your ideas for a job search!

By Jodi Sonoda

Jodi has been blogging for over 3 years, and is excited to currently be blogging with Nexxt for She is attached to the internet at the hip and enjoys the constant connection. She spends most of her offline time playing dolls and reading picture books with her two year old. You can also occasionally find her rocking the mic at karaoke night.


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