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You don't have to be a published author to craft a cover letter that engages hiring managers. Your application materials, resume and letter are crucial elements of your career search, however. Craft a letter that shows your personality, your skills and your experience by using keywords and your knowledge of the company to ensure your chances of obtaining an interview.

The first line of your cover letter makes or breaks your chances at obtaining an interview. Avoid whimsical statements such as "Since I was young, I have wanted to work in this field." Instead, detail why you specifically want to work for this company. Personalize each letter so it relays your desire to work for the company rather than using a template during your career search.

Many job candidates find themselves repeating information from their resumes to fill the introductory letter, but this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Write a killer cover letter by highlighting accomplishments, skills and abilities that cannot be found on your resume, explains The Changer. Provide the employer with a glimpse of your professional background while detailing how you can impact the company's growth and productivity. Outline how your skills can be utilized on the job, and show eagerness and excitement for the opportunity to join the team.

Show that you are a knowledgeable candidate for the job by researching the company. Seek out information about the company's mission, goals and culture. In your cover letter, highlight how your goals align with those of the business. Use industry terms, and also mention personal accomplishments that are related to the industry and can impact the company's growth, productivity and overall brand.

Compare your skills and experience to the desired qualifications listed in the job description. Use keywords from the job description within your letter so that the employer can accurately see that you have experience with the company's equipment, software and hardware. Employers are seeking candidates who can jump right in and make an impact. Make it easy for the hiring manager to see that you can begin impacting the company's bottom line and processes from the start.

It may be tempting to write a long, drawn-out cover letter that boasts about your qualifications, but the reality is that hiring managers have limited time when reviewing candidates. Keep the letter brief, and avoid exceeding one page. Show that you can briefly and concisely highlight your skills without boring the employer with too many details. Be specific when detailing numbers, data and achievements. Candidates who can write a concise letter that briefly shows why they are the best candidate make the screening process much simpler for hiring managers.

Employers are also seeking candidates who have a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation. Present yourself professionally within the cover letter, and proofread carefully to ensure careless mistakes do not ruin your chances of a job opportunity.

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