Why Young Customers Are Difficult to Attract

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Capturing the attention of the young customer is a tall order for many businesses these days. Younger customers are more technologically advanced, more budget conscious and generally less loyal than previous generations. To captivate them, you must be creative and flexible, while offering goods and services that appeal to them. Attracting young customers early and keeping their business is an effective way to build your business.

One of the top reasons why young customers are difficult to attract is that they are far more technologically savvy than customers past. Today's young customers have grown up with smartphones, tablets, laptops and social media, and the ever-changing nature of these things begets an ever-fickle customer who gets bored easily. Young customers prefer doing business with companies who are on the technological up and up and can easily keep up with their changing needs. "Ease of doing business attracts young customers," says Jeff Lang, vice president of Acordia Insurance Brokers. To keep up with your intended customers' needs and remain competitive, make technology a priority. An interactive, user-friendly website, downloadable apps, online customer service and a strong social media presence are all effective ways to reach a younger audience.

In addition to being technologically advanced, the young customer is also budget-conscious. Most younger customers are in school, employed part-time or just starting out in their career fields, which means saving money is their number one priority, no matter the industry. Vince Kehrlein, owner and broker of Above & Beyond Insurance and former president of the American Agents Alliance, sums it up nicely: "To be honest, probably the most important factor to anyone regardless of age but especially for the younger couple or person is price. I could've given them the best service in the world, but if someone else can save them $200 a year, they're moving." The younger customer is not as loyal as previous generations. Price is king. It's important to price your goods and services aggressively to catch their elusive attention, but in order to build a relationship and keep that young customer coming back, customer service is still important.

Young customers are notoriously fickle, but they still want a company that attempts to connect with them and their interests. Good listening skills are imperative. Offering young customers a chance to submit their feedback and suggestions is a great way to make them feel connected and valuable. It also gives you the opportunity to learn the customer's needs and interests to help you design goods and services to better fit their needs.

No matter what industry, a great way to grow and sustain a successful business is by attracting young customers and retaining their business. It's certainly no simple task, but the financial reward is worth it.


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