Why Do You Even Need a Cover Letter?

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The dreaded cover letter is often one of the most challenging aspects of the job search. You may find yourself agonizing over what to write, the tone to use and the information to emphasize. Your efforts, though, are not in vain, as the cover letter serves multiple purposes.

Many Hiring Managers Read Them

While some hiring managers do not bother to read every cover letter submitted, you don't want to assume this notion when applying for a job. Many potential employers do read cover letters and expect them to be included in your application materials.

It Is the Professional Standard

When in doubt, you should always remain formal and professional in your job search, which is why the choice to submit a cover letter is a no-brainer. Cover letters are the standard during the hiring process. Even if hiring managers do not read them, they expect to receive them.

Cover Letters Speak Volumes

Your resume may be polished and impressive, but you need a cover letter to expand upon your skills, talents and accomplishments. While your resume pinpoints your duties and responsibilities, the cover letter gives you the opportunity to detail your accomplishments, soft skills, and experience with software and hardware. It also allows you to show more about your character and personality to determine if you are a good fit for the company culture.

You may dread the process of writing a cover letter, but it is worth it if even just one hiring manager takes the time to review your application materials. Show that you are willing to go the extra mile and impress them with your ability to communicate your qualifications.

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