What do Job Seekers Want?

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Job seekers in 2018 know what they want, and very few are willing to settle. Gone are the days when a steady paycheck and job security were a job seeker's top priority. Employers must offer much more if they want to attract and keep top talent. Here are four things hiring managers should prioritize when seeking new employees in a 2018 job market.

1. Simple Application Process

Make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply to your organization. Instead of asking job seekers to fill out lengthy applications that feature a host of basic and challenging questions, ask for a one-to-two page resume, a cover letter and a list of references. More than likely, the job seeker already has these materials ready and simply needs to tweak them to ensure they meet your company's requirements. Install a link or button on your website that makes it easy for candidates to submit these documents. You can also use a website like LinkedIn, which allows members to submit resumes through the website, to help streamline the application process.

2. Great Benefits Package

Job seekers were very satisfied with a great health benefits package and retirement plan in the not-too-distant past, but things have certainly changed. Gym memberships, maternity leave options for both parents, flexible work schedules, telecommuting and student loan repayment assistance are just some of the benefits many workers expect in today's job market. Try your best to tailor your benefits package to meet the desires of younger workers to remain competitive.

3. Growth Opportunities

Many young job seekers can't fathom the idea of working a dead-end job in a fast-paced, ever-changing job market. Make it possible for workers to grow and develop within your organization. Offer in-house training seminars, educational opportunities, employee mentoring programs and job shadowing to expose employees to many different aspects of your business. Let candidates know your company encourages employee growth and promotes from within. Make it possible for job seekers to imagine a lengthy future with your organization that doesn't involve completing the same tedious, mundane tasks day after day.

4. Jobs That Make a Difference

Millennial workers started the trend of working for a purpose instead of a paycheck, and this trend has definitely caught on. Kids who haven't even graduated from high school yet are already getting involved in causes that offer great personal fulfillment. Make sure your company has a purpose or mission. Partner with different organizations that do charitable work, or create a volunteer program that helps less fortunate members of your community. Encourage candidates to view your company as more than just another place to work.

In a healthy job market, top-notch candidates have plenty of options, so employers must find a way to stand out. Attract highly qualified job seekers to your company by giving them what they want. Offer benefits that make your company stand out from competitors, along with a competitive salary, to make your organization more attractive to candidates. What are some other tips you've found successful for attracting top talent?

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