Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals Can Help You Get a Job, Get Promoted

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Need a job? Or a promotion?  If you’re an administrative  professional or just entering the field, you might consider joining the Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP).  It’s just one more way to network and get some inside knowledge of what it takes to be an administrative professional. 


VAAP is a professional and educational association designed for administrative assistants, executive assistants and administrative professionals. Regardless of your job title or level, if you want to move your career forward, you’ll join this rewarding organization. Operated by the Effective Admin™, VAAP offers valuable, timely advice, tools and resources for education, professional development, and training for anyone working in the administrative field.


VAAP is the first all virtual professional and educational association uniquely designed for administrative assistants and executive assistants who work on site in corporations, companies, organizations, and educational institutions throughout the world. You’ll enjoy support and the benefits of on-going learning  without ever leaving your work desk or cubicle. 

As a VAAP member, you’ll have access to many downloadable educational materials that contain feedback from other administrative professionals. You’ll also have access to the expert advice from a VAAP advisor who specializes in serving administrative professionals. This "peer-to-peer learning" allows those in your field to share their knowledge, ideas and advice with you. 


By investing in your career development and education, you’ll take the necessary steps to keep up with best practices and offer that extra value-added to your employer. This sets you apart from other administrative employees as a worker more dedicated to his or her career.


One key benefit VAAP members enjoy is access to their Effective Admin Tips Series. These 22 electronic publications cover specialized topics that address the daily workplace needs of today’s administrative professionals. Here, you’ll find tips and guidance on such specialized topics as minute-taking, travel planning, goal setting, meeting planning, time management and organization—all the skills you need to become an efficient (and promotable) administrative professional. This entire collection of tips publications is exclusively provided to VAAP members. 

Another major VAAP benefit is access to their Effective Admin In-Depth Special Report Series. Here, you’ll find eight reports (from 25 to 63 pages) with “in the trenches” quotes from working administrative professionals and their Admin Pro Coach. Created for and about administrative professionals, these reports include surveys from working administrative professionals. Special report topics may include how to deal with interruptions and distractions, managing e mail overload, stress at the desk management, and more. This entire collection of reports is exclusively provided to VAAP members. 


Check out VAAP to see if this organization is right for you. Learn more about VAAP before you send out another resume. 



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