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Tech trends evolve so quickly; consumers may find it hard to keep up thanks to apps, mobile downloads and tons of software choices for laptop computers. Job search technology is no different.

Trends for 2015 find job seekers discovering new apps, tactics and services all designed to land that dream job. Some job search technology ideas and advances may not last very long, while others provide valuable services to job seekers and recruiters alike. Follow some of these tech trends to jumpstart your career as you try to find that perfect fit.

Electronic billboards provide advertising on a large scale. launched a billboard campaign in Silicon Valley in 2013 promoting underwear-clad software coders. The billboards were so successful that they expanded into other markets such as Austin, Texas, New York and Seattle. Get on a billboard to show your prospective employer you mean business. If such large-scale advertising does not suit you, take out banner ads on the Internet to get a recruiter's attention. Job search technology can come in any size.

Create a video starring yourself. Video interviews have become more common; this job search technology saves time, money and expenses so firms obviate the need to bring someone into the office. Post a video to possible employers as a way to market yourself and to practice for an interview. Make it visually appealing, yet relevant and specific, to the job at hand. Look and act professional, especially if the video responds to a company's request for answers to questions.

Feature a company's product, whether you want to be hired by a tech company or a manufacturer. Create a resume using someone's app if you want to work for that software company. Show yourself eating a sandwich made with your favorite bread if you try to get on with your favorite bakery. The possibilities of a prospective employer's product placement are endless if you think outside the box.

Search for jobs covertly with a new app called Switch. This handy program lets you post jobs anonymous so your boss does not find out. Using LinkedIn may create an awkward moment if someone at your firm discovers your connections to a rival company. Switch lets you chat with a potential employer if someone likes your job qualifications. Other, similar job search technology apps include Poacht and Poachable.

Learn from others in your field with the program WiseWords. Research any of 5,000 professionals in the database to contact them. Some professionals charge a fee per call, but the experiences can be invaluable to your job search.

SmartMatch technology can improve job search results by learning from your online activity. As new job openings become available, you may see more opportunities presented to you on the screen. The learning-based software judges relevant positions for you based on behavioral attributes.

Job search technology is as varied as the number of apps on the market. Choose what works for you, your style and your personality as you try to secure career happiness.

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