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A cover letter gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills and explain why you are an ideal candidate for a position. Since a cover letter is often the first thing employers read, make your qualifications stand out by crafting a memorable cover letter. Use one of the following strategies to create a cover letter that lands you your dream job.

One of the latest trends for creating memorable cover letters is sending employers a video cover letter in addition to a written cover letter. This is a great touch if you are applying for a position that requires technical skills, such as video editing and design. A video also allows you to show employers your personality, so make the video professional yet unique. A video cover letter needs to include the same basic elements as a written cover letter. Include a formal statement regarding the position you are applying for, a description of your skills and a brief overview of your work experience. Also, to make your video cover letter stand out, use visual aids, such as a chart or graph showing how much you increased sales at your last position, or a graphic of a Web page you created that best displays your ability.

Another way to make a memorable cover letter is to include hyperlinks to your work. Instead of simply talking about your past achievements, show the employer your work by adding a hyperlink to relevant words that describe your skills. Include links to online portfolios, published articles, personal websites and anything else that showcases your ability. By providing visual proof of your skills and qualifications, your cover letter stands out and provides evidence to back up your claims.

Cover letters that convey a lot of information without being formatted in a large block of text are great for catching the attention of employers. Making a unique cover letter also allows an employer to easily skim over your information without getting bored with mundane details, which is one of the best ways to create a memorable cover letter. One idea for an eye-catching and unique cover letter is adding an infographic to your cover letter to highlight your best skills. Another strategy is to add a chart that matches your skills and experience to the requirements listed in the job posting. Making a creative chart or graphic demonstrates you have great technological skills and are creative enough to think outside the box.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to make a memorable cover letter that is professional. Always formally address your cover letter and if you choose a video cover letter, wear business attire. In addition, only highlight your best skills so your cover letter is to the point. By using creativity to make a memorable cover letter, your resume will stand out from the many others employers receive.


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