Try These 3 Ways to Keep From Stumbling in Your Customer Service

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Understanding what customers want from the shopping experience is essential for cultivating a booming business that does not stumble in customer service. A business that fails to satisfy its customers with the right kind of service finds it difficult to make steady profits and retain customers over the long-term. Consider some ways companies can offer better customer service.

1. Offering Stellar Customer Service and Rewards

All customers want great customer service, and genuine courtesy and friendliness from staff goes a long way in attracting and retaining customers. Customers also want in-store interactions with knowledgeable sales associates who can help them find a product, suggest a service and answer their questions. Stores are offering extended service hours to cater to customers, and some are hosting 24-hour customer support systems. Consumers are always looking for ways to save money and obtain free products from their favorite stores. The companies that offer shopping perks such as consumer rewards, referral programs and online savings are growing in popularity. In addition, when stores allow customers to make unique selections on products they like or dislike, companies can find out what customers want and make unique recommendations for them.

2. Providing More Options and Conveniences

Many customers are hesitant to make large purchases without some form of reassurance it is a safe decision. Stores that offer warranties are more likely to earn expensive sales by providing a safety net of protection for customers who make the leap to buy big from them. Offering clear, reasonable return policies places customers at ease if, for any reason, they need to make a return in the future. Customer want to shop with retailers that offer a variety of delivery options. Flourishing retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay are offering same-day delivery service to customers who live in specific geographical zones to top slower competitors.

Customers are constantly seeking a simpler way to find and purchase the products and services they want or desire. Companies in the modern day and age must maintain a highly functional website to cater to customers all over the world, around the clock. Customers want to simplify transactions as much as possible, so offering them multiple payment options helps them make purchases faster. Designing a mobile app to allow consumers to receive updates, collect special rewards and make purchases whenever they wish offers more purchasing convenience to customers in a hurry.

3. Listening to the Needs of Customers

One thing customers want is to be heard by the businesses they buy from. When a business ignores the voice of its customers, its reputation for service often declines as well. Companies that listen to customers and handle consumer complaints quickly boast highly satisfied customers. Using questionnaires and surveys to gather consumer feedback is wise to help any business gain valuable data for improvement. Offering customers social media outlets to voice their opinions can help a company find out what its customers want and expect on a daily basis.

Companies that want to avoid stumbling in customer service must pay attention to the demands of customers to avoid losing them to competitors. What customers want from one business may not be true when it comes to another business, so each company must investigate the specific needs of its customers.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Chris thanks for your great comment. So true that training it critical and that customer service should be on all levels from the top on down. In addition, I feel that it's important to have customer service reps who can think on the their feet - can think outside of a canned response or a script.

  • Chris P.
    Chris P.

    Right on! This one critical step can make or break a company. Customer satisfaction has to be from the top down in order to really have the full support of the company. The people at all levels need to know they are "empowered" (within guidelines) to do what ever is needed to satisfy the customer. Of course equally important is to know when the customer is just making a fuss to get something at a discount or free. Training is critical.

  • Debra H.
    Debra H.

    I might add; say... Yes sir....Thank you... Proper MANNERS are Not Common...they should be...instead of.."No problem".... Wearing clean, pressed...well fitted/proper dress would be a real welcome sight!

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