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Not all truck driving position require you to submit a resume, and many truck drivers do not even make the effort to have one, but simply rely on filling in their skills and experience on the job application. However, tips from those in the field explain that having a resume can set you apart from the pack and can assist in the salary and benefits department.


Professional resume writing companies have reported that having a driving resume is the best way to find a professional position at better companies, and find that some people opt to have multiple types of resumes, depending on the desired career advancement. If you seek to move into a management position, then having a separate resume highlighting the years of service and skills in the transportation field with only a minor emphasis on driving, can assist in focusing the attention on a non-driving position. Having a separate resume focusing on the driving record and experience is the best way to find a position with a professional company that respects the drivers and has great pay and benefits.


Having a resume that focuses on your consistent on-time delivery, being ahead of the schedule and your long safety record makes you a more professional and desirable candidate. Career writing professionals also recommend highlighting other strengths on your resume, like:

  • Hazmat qualifications and other commercial-license extras. 

  • Good safety and driving record. 

  • Specialization in a particular type of equipment. 

  • Experience in logistics and inventory functions, such as warehousing. 

  • Knowledge of federal and state regulations. 

  • Background in customer service -- delivering to homes, vendors or businesses. 

  • Physical strength. 

  • Computer skills.


If you do seek to move out of the driver’s seat and into a management position, remember to focus on skills that relate more to the non-driving side of things; those traits that show your strong abilities in administration and organizational aspects of the career field.


So, instead of just going with the normal flow, step out of the norm and put together a professional resume or two, and use it to better sell yourself as a top notch professional in your field.


If you have seen the benefits of this in your past, please share your story in the comments below for all to see.


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  • RobertR
    Most all current hiring companys are requesting 2-3 yrs experience in a job market that has been non -functional since 2005
  • David R
    David R
    It really is helpful to have a resume to boost your desirability to a company, even if it is for truck driving. Sometimes just being able to reach the side steps for trucks isn't enough. Having more qualifications and printing them on a nice sheet of paper will set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

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