Today’s Most Innovative Healthcare Companies

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If you’re a recent grad or laid off worker looking for a job in healthcare, it might make sense to get a job with an innovative company that’s shaking things up. Chances are, the reason companies laid you off or won’t hire you has more to do with who they are than who you are. Innovators will grow and need top talent to grow with them. So who are these innovative companies that are taking the lead in healthcare?

Fast Company recently released Most Innovative Companies in healthcare for 2013, an annual guide that includes the following eight most innovative healthcare businesses and startups:


For developing a game-changing approach to cut down on the fake drugs that kill over 700,000 people annually. Last year, Sproxil partnered with IBM to analyze customer data to uncover drug-counterfeiting patterns.


For dramatically expanding healthcare with Daktari 1525, a call-in service that allows Kenyans to phone a doctor 24 hours a day, giving them access to basic medical advice in a country where healthcare providers are nearly impossible to find.

Seechange Health

For incentivizing good health practices and getting members to take more responsibility for their own health. Its new software analyzes workers’ health risks, then generates plans to help them stay healthy, complete with cash/discount rewards for out-of-pocket expenses.

Proteus Digital Health

For creating an ingestible sensor the size of a grain of sand and powered by stomach acid. When surrounded by a pill and swallowed, the device conveys data to your smartphone, revealing your intake schedule and how the drug affects your body.


For a device that continuously monitors a diabetic’s blood-sugar level using a sensor implanted under the skin of the abdomen. The innovation helped Dexcom boost its revenue 42% in the second quarter of last year.

GE Healthcare

For developing Logiq, a light, portable laptop-size ultrasound device that allows sports doctors—like those in the NFL and major-league baseball—to look inside an athlete’s body minutes after sustaining an injury.

Athena Health

For moving medical records into the digital age by creating a cloud-based, online records system doctors prefer to use in place of other costly electronic systems. An acquisition of mobile health company, Epocrates will allow doctors to access patients’ records on the go.


For providing medical consultations by phone and video, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office. Last year, Teladoc launched a service that allows physicians to connect directly to patients. They also recently partnered with HealthSpot software to create private, walk-in kiosks for patient care.

Tired of being rejected or laid off by companies that are going nowhere? Try applying to any of the above to get your career on the fast track.


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