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Many job candidates mistakenly believe that the resume is the only document that matters when it comes to securing a job interview. However, the cover letter is still a crucial part of your application, and many hiring managers take the time to read it thoroughly. Here are a few cover letter tips to make your cover letter impressive and attention-grabbing.

First, make sure your cover letter has a responsive tone. Consider the cover letter to be a one-page answer to question: "Why should we hire you?" Don't just state that you're writing to apply for the particular position; hiring managers already know this. What they don't know is why they should give you a chance. You should expand upon the information already listed in your resume and elaborate on your relevant skills, qualifications and accomplishments.

Consider adding a branding statement to the top of your cover letter. A branding statement is an attention-grabbing statement or title written above the body of the letter that entices the reader to want to read further. For instance, if you're looking for a career in customer service, your branding statement may read something like this: "Customer Service Expert with Five Years of Experience and Winning Personality." This is like a tagline that sums up your qualifications and makes the reader want to know more about you.

Another way to make your cover letter more impressive is to establish relevance with the company's job description and values. You need to do a bit of research to determine the employer's mission, core values, and short- and long-term goals. Touch on these in your letter, and make the connection between your skills and their goals.

Remember to tailor your cover letter for each and every job you apply for. Sending a generic, one-size-fits-all cover letter addressed "To Whom it May Concern" is worse than sending no cover letter at all. Find out who the exact hiring manager is, and address your cover letter specifically to that person. The body of your letter should focus on the requirements related to the specific job you want, and not just working at that company as a generic employee. It takes more time to customize your letter to each job you apply for, but it is crucial in order to have your cover letter taken seriously.

Lastly, keep your cover letter brief. You should be able to cover your skills and accomplishments and their relevance to the company within three or four well-structured paragraphs. Busy hiring managers are unlikely to read a long, stapled-together cover letter.

A thorough, well-written cover letter provides the best impression of you to the employer. Remember, your cover letter's purpose is to get you noticed and persuade the hiring manager to reach out to you for an interview. Consider these cover letter tips, and take the time to craft a compelling and persuasive cover letter to help get your foot in the door.


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