Three Good Keywords for Customer Service Resumes

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Customer service resume samples are excellent tools to help you formulate the best resume and get the job you want. Your resume can often be seen as a one-way track to the career of your dreams, so you need to pay close attention to how you present your information to potential employers. The best resume for customer service will contain keywords that are pertinent to the industry, and when you study customer service resume samples, you can get a good idea of what those in the industry are looking for.

According to US News and Money, the strongest keywords or search engine optimization (SEO) terms on a resume are nouns. One would naturally assume that verbs are the first key to an excellent resume; after all, we are often told to make sure we use strong action verbs. However, the best customer service resume samples use keywords from the job description of the position being applied for to highlight relevant skills. If the employer is looking for someone with a specific degree or certification, make sure you have it listed high on your inventory of qualifications—you can even include it in a bullet list at the top of your resume. If the company is looking for someone with the ability to build customer databases, for instance, then make sure you use those exact words in your resume.

Verbs are the second focus of attention on customer service resume samples. Always use strong verbs to describe your background. You can say you resolved a specific issue, completed a project on time, or netted the company a specific amount of money. It's always best to stick with strong verbs and nouns and avoid adverbs and adjectives, because if you have a skill listed on your resume, it can be assumed you do it well. There is little need to state you can successfully construct an email or a report.

The third type of good keywords used on customer service resume samples is past job titles. Try to list customer service in the title to draw attention to your experience in that industry. Instead of saying you worked at the help desk, use the title of customer service help desk operator or technician. When a recruiter glances through your resume for customer service for the first time, he will be searching for your past experience in the field.

Looking at customer service resume samples is an excellent way to see how to construct your own resume. Pay close attention to keywords, because many times your resume will be loaded electronically into your employers database. Keywords make it easier to identify you as a good fit for a job.


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