Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work

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Productivity is a top concern for everyone in the workplace. Authorities in a company will often implement new ideas or seek to improve existing protocol to increase productivity. Find ways to improve your productivity to ensure workplace efficiency and to avoid ever having to consider that you are a lag on the flow of the workplace. The steps are easier than you imagined and certainly easier than the burnout caused by an unproductive day.

1. Prepare Your Body for Productivity

The first and most important way to improve your work productivity is often overlooked by professionals seeking optimization. According to a recent article, employ better posture for productivity. "Better posture can help you feel more confident and increase your productivity at work— even when you make no other changes." Before you implement any cutting-edge techniques to improve your productivity, be sure to take care of your body first. Make a concentrated effort not to slump in your desk chair; hunched shoulders and a slumped back are sure ways to invite shoulder, neck and back pain. Sitting in a healthy position also optimizes your breathing, which gives your brain the ample oxygen it needs to think more sharply while dealing with your daily work tasks. Keep a constant eye out on your posture throughout the day, post a reminder on your computer or work area and be sure to adjust your seat to your desk to ensure that you never need to constantly bend to perform tasks.

2. Narrow it Down

According to Forbes, smartphone and multiple browser distraction costs companies thousands of dollars a year. Avoid falling down the rabbit hole of slightly interesting information during work hours by avoiding social media websites, chat apps and unnecessary emails to improve your productivity. An effective way to improve your productivity is to avoid keeping more than three tabs open on your browser unless necessary. If your field of work allows it, shut down your smartphone during work hours and commit to checking your notifications only at certain times of day.

3. Break Down Your Duties

Construct a comprehensive list of your daily tasks to improve your productivity. Avoid the risk of procrastination that often occurs with large and important tasks due to the worker becoming overwhelmed by the endeavor. Classify each task by the time and effort needed to complete each one and order them in a list. Use a timer to be sure you don't appoint too much time to one task while leaving another time-sensitive job unattended.

Anyone can benefit from tips to improve work productivity. Whether you are monitoring the work of others or want to establish yourself in the workplace as an efficient employee, your productivity is important. Utilizing these simple steps brings effective results without having to drastically alter your everyday processes.


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