Three Companies Successful in Mobile Advertising

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Mobile methods of delivering content have become exceptionally popular. Companies looking to get their message out to the mobile market need advertising networks that can reach across a variety of devices and interface options, delivering quality content and generating interest in goods and services. A few companies stand at the forefront of modern mobile advertising. The providers of these networks and the tools that support mobile advertising are early success stories in the field. These companies include Google Admob, Apple iAd, and HasOffers.

Advertising professionals already know Google as one of the leading suppliers of display ads on the Internet, and its acquisition of Admob has allowed the company to move into the field of mobile ads. Google Admob works with the Adsense program and Google's Android mobile phone operating system to provide relevant contextual ads to consumers worldwide. Using the power of the Internet search giant's extensive experience and existing development in the field of online advertising, Admob has helped Google become the biggest name in mobile advertising.

One of Google's biggest competitors in the operating system market has also created its own mobile advertising network and support system. Apple iAd  allows companies to reach consumers across a wide spectrum of entertainment products available through Apple systems, including music on the iPod, video on the iPad, and apps on the iPhone. The prevalence of Apple products in the entertainment market has given the company an edge on many other mobile advertising networks. The strong regulation of Apple networks should help lead the pack in the mobile market, but iAd remains a work in progress. The company's acquisition of Quattro in 2010 helped ensure its place as one of the top mobile ad providers today.

HasOffers provides affiliate network tracking through the use of software as a service, or SaaS, even though the company lacks its own advertising network. The company specializes in giving organizations the tools they need to create their own system of affiliates who may then advertise through any set of channels that they choose. This makes it a successful player in the field when it comes to creating and tracking affiliate mobile ads, providing analytics and tracking for a variety of different campaigns. This program has quickly become the standard for tracking user origination data, though the company's policy of keeping data too long has recently gotten it dropped by Facebook, a top player in the world of social media.

The field of creating, distributing, and tracking mobile advertising continues to evolve, and even more success stories are likely to emerge as the market matures. Google Admob, Apple iAd, and HasOffers provide excellent tools for advertisers to help get the messages of their clients across to consumers who rely on mobile technology.




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