The Three Most Common Customer Questions

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Even though online shopping has become more popular, many customers still prefer face-to-face or telephone contact for help with customer questions. Companies and representatives must create customer service strategies to field some of the most common questions to ensure customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Anticipate what your customers might ask to prepare responses that best represent the company's philosophy.

1. What Is Your Name?

Although it may take customer service representatives off guard when a customer requests their name, it is necessary to supply the client with accurate information that leads to personal questions. Provide your name, title and department without hesitation to build rapport and trust while conversing with clients. Customer questions about how you fit into the company culture can be common among clients who want to establish a permanent relationship with the business and continue purchasing products and services. In addition, customers often prefer speaking with the same person to avoid having to explain their problem to multiple representatives, explains Seth Bailey with Entrepreneur magazine. If possible, provide your clients with a direct phone number or email address so that they can reach you when a problem or concern arises. The more transparent you are with your customers, the more likely you are to retain their business.

2. How Do You Compare to Your Competition?

Consumers are smart and reserve the right to shop around. Be prepared for customer questions about why they should choose your business over other businesses with similar products and services. Focus on what makes your company unique from the others, such as quality, convenience, price or customer support. Outline specific examples to show why your business ranks above the competitors. Additionally, make a connection with the customer to identify needs so that you can discuss the specific services or products available that fit her needs. Personalize the experience to retain or recruit the client, and field customer questions honestly.

3. How Do I Get My Money Back?

Inevitably, customer questions arise about returns and refunds. Tailor your customer service strategies to make the process smooth for the client. Do your best to identify what elements of the sale, product or service were deemed unsatisfactory by the customer to help resolve the problem. Even customers who were not satisfied with the product or service may continue to purchase goods if their experiences dealing with a conflict or problem were positive.

Customer service representatives who train and prepare for potentially difficult customer questions are more equipped to resolve the situation, provide a satisfactory experience for the client and retain customers. Your approach, attitude, tone of voice and willingness to help leads to a level of trust that customers expect when working with reputable businesses.

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