The Dreaded Cover Letter

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An essential yet draining element of the job search is crafting an impressive, personal and engaging cover letter. You may dread this task for many reasons, but many job seekers find overcoming the challenges of constructing an excellent cover letter increases their career opportunities and helps them land the jobs of their dreams.

The job search can be daunting, and a strong dislike for writing cover letters does nothing to enhance the process. You may hate writing introductory letters because you find them to be boring or lack confidence in your abilities to sell your skills and experience. You may also dread the process because nervousness takes over, explains Devika Arora with CareeRealism.

The key to writing a successful cover letter is to get more creative. Avoid writing the same old phrases you commonly see in templates and let your personality and professionalism shine through. Stand out from the rest of the candidates by putting more energy into the letter and researching not only the position you're applying for but also the company itself. Begin by mentioning what you admire about the company and why you truly want to work for the organization.

Focus your cover letter on how your skills and experience can impact the company's productivity and profitability. Use creative language that stands out from more sedate letters, capturing attention while remaining professional and polished. Be sure to identify prominent keywords from the job description so you can stay focused on information related to the industry. Job seekers who can match their skills to the ones desired or required in the job description better capture the interest of hiring managers simply scanning letters for these keywords. Avoid simply reiterating information from your resume and instead expand upon your professional goals. A candidate who can match goals with the mission and goals of the company stands out to potential employers.

Engage in relaxation techniques when writing a cover letter. This is your chance to get creative, but remember that your life doesn't depend on this letter. Breathe deeply and try and take a natural approach to writing. Use industry terms that show you're well-versed in the language of your prospective career and reference information you learned while researching the company, such as accomplishments and awards the company has received or recognition based on the company culture or overall performance. Show you've taken the time to identify that this business is a good fit for you and show you're seeking to work for a company that will benefit your career.

A well-written cover letter can be the deciding factor in getting an interview and ultimately a position with the company of your choice. Spend time proofreading your letter and personalizing the language to improve your professional opportunities.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Alma thanks for your comment. Many people say that the cover letter is passe but, if you talk to companies who are hiring, they will tell you that the cover letter is very important. Companies know that you can use a resume writing service to complete your resume. This doesn't show who you are because you didn't write your resume. But a cover letter - well that really shows who you are. It shows the company that you cared enough and want the position enough that you took the time to craft a great cover letter. It shows them your writing, proofreading and attention to details skills in just a few short paragraphs. So, unless the job posting specifically states to submit a resume only, I would recommend that you include a cover letter.

  • alma wilson
    alma wilson

    Who reads cover letters. So passe

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