Stay Warm with These Pieces of Construction Gear

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Cold weather can make construction work seem even harder. The cool winter months blow in snow, sleet, and ice that can slow down workers who lack work apparel designed for frigid temperatures. Even in areas where frozen precipitation isn't common, wind chill and winter temperatures can make working outdoors in standard apparel difficult for even the most seasoned construction veterans. Luckily, new work apparel designs and technology make it easier than ever to keep warm for hours of labor on even the coolest of days.

One ubiquitous, often government-mandated, piece of safety equipment on the construction site is the hard hat. The durable plastic and rubber materials that make up these hats can draw away heat quickly and create an uncomfortable press of freezing materials up against your hair and scalp. The answer is to use a modern hard-hat liner or full head-and-face balaclava. These insulated work apparel choices help ensure that construction workers wearing their hard hats retain much of their body heat, while remaining in compliance with safety regulations.

Across the nation, construction workers must deal with extreme cold weather to ensure their projects are completed on time or that emergency repairs are undertaken as quickly as possible. Work apparel such as hat liners can trap some of the heat your body produces, but you can stay warm longer by relying on other types of warm gear to help you conserve additional heat. Heated jackets, commonly used in hunting and other outdoor sports, feature internal batteries that can provide exceptional warmth for hours on end. This additional warmth is then trapped by your insulated clothing, keeping you comfortable and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Steel-toed boots are often mandated on construction sites for safety reasons. These work apparel choices can save your toes from impact damage, but they often get cold very quickly due to the metal in the boots. Fortunately, modern insulation materials are being used by many steel-toed-boot manufacturers, and these insulated boots will help keep your toes warm and protected from the elements. Insulated socks, often made with the same materials as the boots, are another choice for warm gear that can help keep you comfortable in cold weather.

Cold temperatures can easily distract you and your team on the work site. Choosing work apparel that creates or traps heat can help ensure that the cold doesn't detract from your ability to get the job done. Insulated socks, boots, and helmet liners keep the heat that you create right where you need it most. Heated jackets can create additional heat and deliver exceptional warmth for hours. The right work apparel should meet safety guidelines while still providing excellent protection against everything that Mother Nature has in store for the cold winter months.



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