Retention and Renewals Through Great Customer Service

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A loyal customer base is the key to a successful business. Customer retention relies on your employees' ability to build that loyalty with every transaction, product and service. Encourage repeat business with strategies that keep your employees enthused and engaged with clients and your clients eager to do business with you over and over again.

To build customer loyalty, you need to know the numbers. Track customer retention by surveying your customers to determine how many clients are new and how many are returning for your products or services. Many businesses launch annual customer satisfaction surveys in person and online or inquire when customers make an initial contact. Although most marketing strategies focus on acquiring new customers, put effort into increasing the number of returning customers. Focus on converting new customers into returning customers as part of your customer retention plan.

Engage with existing customers to determine what keeps them happy with your business. Find out what aspects of your company's products, services or customer service strategies produced satisfaction. Ask specific questions to uncover customer retention strategies that have been successful. Engage with one-time customers, too. Clients who purchased a service or product once and have not returned may be able to provide insight on areas your company may need to improve.

Customer retention plans must consider the satisfaction of employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs, they are more likely to provide better customer service and work to retain clients and customers. Your customer service representatives are the face of the company and have the most contact with potential and existing clients. Make sure employees are happy by providing the resources, training and incentives they need to perform their jobs and promote customer loyalty.

Encourage employees to build connections with clients to retain business and improve overall satisfaction. Clients appreciate and value the efforts of an employee who takes the time to greet them, learn their name and personalize the buying experience. Customers who develop a healthy relationship with employees often feel loyal to the company and become repeat clients. Solicit feedback from clients so they feel that their opinions matter. Feedback also provides valuable input on improvements that need to be made within the customer service or product delivery process. In addition, feedback from loyal customers also helps businesses recognize how they are excelling.

A business that prioritizes retaining customers is likely to build loyalty and profitability. Customer retention strategies must be more about the individual buyers than the numbers of sales and profits, however. Build personal connections with your customer base and show your company's human side when you and your employees work to satisfy your existing clients. Repeat business is likely to follow.

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