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Every sentence of your cover letter should tell the employer something about you, whether it describes a recent achievement or explains why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Unfortunately, many applicants use cover letter filler to make their letters look longer and more impressive. Strengthen your application by removing the following information from your cover letter.

1. Career Aspirations

Most of your cover letter should focus on things you have done in the past. Summarizing your achievements tells hiring managers you are experienced and able to use your skills to an employer's benefit. Sharing your career aspirations too early can also make the hiring manager think you are only applying for the job as a stepping stone to something better.

2. "Unique" Qualifications

To say something is unique is to say that it is one of a kind. Unless you invented a revolutionary product that isn't available anywhere else, there are likely thousands of people with the same skills. Instead of saying you are uniquely qualified, you need to show the hiring manager why you are the best fit for the job.

3. List of Demands

It's no secret that employees usually accept job offers based on salary, benefits and perks. However, the cover letter is not the place to discuss employment terms. Unless a hiring manager asks you to list your current salary or give your desired salary range, eliminate all mentions of compensation and benefits from your letter. Don't bring up salary and benefits until you meet with a hiring manager for an interview.

4. Generic Statements

Eliminate generic statements such as "It would be a privilege to work for you" from your cover letter. Again, every word of your letter needs to be about your qualifications and how they apply to the job opening. Generic statements take up space and don't get you any closer to your goal of getting a job.

5. Apologies

In some cases, it makes sense to apply for a job even if you don't have every desired qualification. For example, if the employer wants to hire someone with a bachelor's degree and five years of experience in the field, you might be able to get away with applying if you have a master's degree and three years of work experience. If you don't meet the minimum qualifications, however, don't apologize for it. Instead, focus on why you would be a great employee.

6. Boring Paragraphs

It's a real chore for a hiring manager to read a boring cover letter. Make a strong impression by using action verbs and high-impact sentences. Weave your words together in a way that tells an exciting story about your work history.

Cover letter filler weakens your cover letter and makes you less desirable as a candidate. Make your letters more interested by avoiding generic statements, eliminating your career aspirations and using action words to tell a story.

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