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Tending to customers in a bustling call center can be a difficult job at times. Unfortunately, many customer service representatives find themselves completely stressed out by the end of their shifts. You can reduce stress and reduce the temptation to look for another job by following a few tips to clear your mind, establish a good mood and improve customer satisfaction.

Create a Harmonious Work Space

If your desk is loaded with paperwork and distractions, it can be easier to become stressed out. Surround yourself with family photos, motivational quotes and small decorations that inspire you to remain positive. When your work space is peaceful, you can deliver help to even the most irate customer without upsetting yourself in the process.

Place Your Work in Proper Perspective

Customer service representatives can find themselves stressed out due to poor perspectives on the challenges of serving customers. Keep in mind that when an unsatisfied customer calls to complain or argue, they are not personally upset with you. If you are able to distance your emotions from your work, you can respond to every customer with a clear head and direct them to the proper solutions to their problems.

Review your Tone of Voice

Many call center representatives find themselves becoming stressed out when customers start to berate them, and the tone of their voices changes noticeably at those moments. It is important to check the tone of your voice regularly if you want to maintain a good mood and soothe the consumer at the same time. You may be surprised how quickly maintaining a calm and positive tone reduces your stress levels, raises customer satisfaction, and helps you remain in a more productive state all day long.

Enjoy your Breaks

It is crucial to distance yourself from work from time to time if you want to avoid becoming stressed out. Avoid thinking about anything related to work when you take your break, or you may go back to your desk more anxious than before. Listen to relaxation music or your favorite songs to get your mind off work for a few minutes, so you can return to work feeling rejuvenated. In addition, develop positive working relationships with your fellow co-workers, and you can become a source of support for each other during the day.

Practice Deep Breathing

In between calls or during your breaks, you can practice deep breathing exercises to decrease your stress. Breathe in slowly for 10 seconds through your nostrils, hold it for five seconds, and then blow the air out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this simple exercise a few times as necessary throughout the day. As you breathe in and out, it becomes easier to expel your feelings of work-related frustration.

Changing your approach to handling customers at work can make all of the difference in your mental state. You can learn how to protect yourself from becoming stressed out over work affairs. When you are in a uplifted and calm state of mind, you can avoid stress and improve your work performance.


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