Poor Customer Service Turns Customers Away

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Poor customer service has the power to turn customers away for good. Many consumers complain about bad customer service at big-name retailers, but small businesses can also fall short of good service standards. Consider some of the reasons why bad customer service repels consumers so easily.

Makes Customers Feel Unimportant

Customers need to feel that they are valued and respected where they are spending their money. When shoppers are ignored or mistreated in any way by customer service representatives, it can cost the store excessive sales. However, customers respond well when interacting with cordial employees who enjoy their work and tend to them properly. When customers feel unimportant, they are more likely to spend their money somewhere else where bad customer service is not an issue.

Greater Difficulty Assisting Customers

Stores that hire low-quality representatives to serve customers are bound to provide bad customer service on a day-to-day basis. Many shoppers find themselves frustrated when interacting with an employee who has little knowledge of how to help them. For this reason, adequate training and dedication to the job are especially important for every single customer service representative on site. By training staff well, a company can avoid placing inefficient workers out front and on the phone lines to deal with its customers. In addition, if the store lacks a sufficient number of staff members to fulfill its consumer obligations, it will also provide bad customer service. Ensuring that there is enough manpower is essential to running any business smoothly.

Ignoring Consumer Complaints

Another mark of bad customer service is when a business has a series of ongoing consumer complaints. When consumer complaints are ignored, issues go unchecked and many customers leave unsatisfied. Any business that takes pride in great customer service must avoid ongoing consumer complaints and handle them properly and quickly. If stores wish to avoid bad customer service and achieve the highest levels of sales success, they should study customer complaints for valuable insights on how to serve customers better.

Develops a Rough Business Reputation

Without a doubt, establishments that have a history of poor customer service will often develop a poor business reputation as well. When customers have a terrible experience at a particular store, they are more likely to share that experience with their friends, families and colleagues. In some cases, customers leave unsatisfied and decide to post negative reviews online about a company based on a single experience they had. This makes it especially important to ensure that every customer interaction is excellent and acceptable to avoid losing prospective customers and repelling otherwise loyal clientele. Maintaining a stellar reputation both online and offline is essential to attracting more customers to your door.

Avoiding the pitfalls of bad customer service is key to becoming a successful, thriving business. It is wise for a company to assess the quality of customer service on a regular basis to ensure that it is providing the highest level of service.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Wasonya what a great way to look at things! I agree - I try to always be nice wherever I go even if I don't receive the same treatment in return. I have certainly been on the receiving end of bad customer service but I always try to take a deep breath and remember that they could just be having a bad day. In spite of my angst I try to remember to say please and thank you and wish them a nice day. If the CSR is REALLY bad, however, I will request to speak to someone in authority and will let them know, nicely, that their rep was rude. I wouldn't want someone else to have to put up with their rudeness and bad behavior!

  • wasonya f.
    wasonya f.

    I totally agree that why I am nice where ever I go, I feel like I may be entertaining an angel.

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