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I am getting a little confused looking at all the different affiliate type programs offering me a free Website to promote one product or the other. Each offer indicates that their way is the best to the exclusion of all others. What I really want is to have the best of all worlds. That’s right, I want one program that offers me multiple sources of income from most of the proven major affiliate programs. I also want a program that will help me build a significant lifetime residual income, and one that I can operate right from my own home. I want to work at home. In fact I want my money making machine to do most of the work for me. I want a one stop money making marketing machine: a program that offers me everything I am looking for and that is offering products for sale 24/7 that are going to really make me money and offer me a lifetime residual income that goes on and on and can even be left to my wife and children if something happens to me. My philosophy is let the customer decide. Let them make the decision as to what product or service they want to buy. I want to offer them as many fine choices as possible. I want to make their selection easy. I want us to offer them everything they could possibly be looking for all in one place. I guess what I want and want to be able to offer others is a Website that provides multiple streams of income and lifetime residual income all in one place. Is this too much to ask? With all the technological advances available today, I don’t think so. I think anything is possible if you know how to look in the right place. Some people may think I am greedy and ambitious, but I think I am just enterprising. I am looking for the best marketing opportunity available to fulfill my dreams. I am looking to sell product that meets my customer’s demands. I am trying to satisfy their desires. When I succeed I make money and they make money. What could be better? Sometimes simplicity of motive can create the best result. Sometimes wanting it all is a virtue in and of itself. Sometimes wanting to meet our marketing objectives all in one place is a dream that can come true for all of us.

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  • joe
    Most people fail at building a strong residual income Because they neither have the patience or the funds to withstand months of no income while paying out hundreds of dollars monthly for product and advertising. The people who are successful use "funded proposals".They make upfront money promoting a product and then backend the opportunity

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