Now That You've Got The Job, Don't Stop Networking

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Once you've got the job, it's easy to abandon your social networking accounts. Keeping up with people on Linkedin begins to feel more like a second job and one with very little immediate pay-off. After all, if you were networking with the end goal of finding a job, what's the point of continuing the process now that you're settled?

Actually, networking is something that you should do constantly, whether you have a job or not. Staying connected with your network will let you find out about industry news, new career opportunities and can help you stay motivated and engaged in your career. Here are 5 networking tips for after you land the job:

Don't alienate your network - If you lose touch with your network right after you get a great job, you're contacts will assume that you are just a fair weather friend and won't be to eager to help you the next time you need them. And trust me, you'll need them again in the future. It's difficult to start building a network from scratch, so maintain your connections.

Still chase your passion - Unless you are planning to work in the same position as the one you have, for the rest of your life, the odds are good that you have long term goals that you're still chasing. Don't give up on them. Now that you have a job and the immediate threat is over, use your network to find others who share the same passion as you.

Don't rely only on internet tools - Many people still consider social networking as something they do online. While there are many sites and just as many ways to connect with people online, don't rely primarily on your computer. There are plenty of ways to get out in the community or in your industry without even having to turn on your laptop. Networking with people face-to-face is the best way to make lasting connections and let people get to know the real you.

Continue to grow - Networking is something that you do your entire life. As you grow in your career and in your life, you will have the chance to meet all types of people. Always take the time to introduce yourself and be genuinely interested in the people you meet. Offer your help any time you can and be open to suggestions from others. Networking isn't just about getting help finding a job, it's about being involved and engaged with others.

Look for ways to help others - Now that you have a great job, you have the opportunity to help others. When you were out of work, finding someone who could give you a few job leads or some information about the company they work for was amazing. Try to be that person for others. It's good manners and good karma as well. Pay back all of the help you received by trying to make a difference for someone else.

Networking is about building life long connections that can help you when you are changing jobs, are out of work, when you want to find a new pediatrician in your area or just need people to talk to. Just because you have a job doesn't mean that you should leave your friends and acquaintances behind.



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