Millennials Want a Different Kind of Customer Service

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When it comes to customer service, the millennial generation represents an extremely important consumer base. Generally defined as people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, millennial customers are a different breed. Raised on technology, the millennials craves an easy, fast experience with minimal cost. As such, capturing their attention and keeping them coming back can prove a challenge for businesses.


The most defining aspect of millennial customers is their familiarity with modern technology. Unlike generations before them, millennials grew up with access to cell phones, computers and the Internet, so using technology as part of the shopping experience is second nature. Naturally, having to wait a long time or deal with people over the phone or in person can be a turnoff for many of these customers. To provide a better experience for them, businesses need to make the shopping and checkout process as quick and efficient as possible, using things like instant confirmation emails, mobile apps and reminder texts. The easier and more hands-off you can make the shopping experience, the more likely the millennial customer is to return.

Word of Mouth

The amazing thing about millennials is that they are extremely likely to spread the word about a customer experience, whether it's good or bad. It is so easy to quickly tweet, post a Facebook status or Yelp review from the touch of a tablet or phone. This is why it is absolutely critical to provide top-notch customer service: one bad review can make big waves in your customer base and future profits.

Not Too Human

Many companies still believe a human-centered approach is best when it comes to providing service. However, having to interact with other people can be frustrating for many millennials who would much prefer to point and click and be done with it. Adding more customer service reps and extending your store or phone line hours won't make much difference to this unique customer set.

Not Too Digital

Making the customer experience too hands-off is another recipe for disaster. While smartphones, apps and other shortcuts are a big part of the millennial lifestyle, there are still situations where only a human touch will do. Cutting corners by providing minimal human support won't win you any service awards. Even the most digitally-inclined young customers need to know that there is a helpful person at the end of that phone if they need assistance.

A Hybrid Approach

Capturing millennials' attention and keeping them coming back requires utilizing convenient digital solutions to provide a streamlined, user-friendly experience. When that digital assistance is confusing or unavailable, be prepared with a robust, enthusiastic and helpful team of humans ready to assist customers while keeping things simple.

Millennials require a unique brand of customer service that combines both digital ease and human support. Companies must make their messages quick, entertaining and highly persuasive to get through to this generation amidst today's informational overload.

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  • marlyn f.
    marlyn f.

    Yes it may be truth but, the lost of help, when u need it is going out the door too. Look around and see the goods & things customer have to be provided in your neighborhoods also. Especially when i see the younger ones always waiting last moments to get things they need. we wonder were/ why thier intelleuect mind is wasting. Wait- Wake up . Get more COMMUNICATION in our ears, where people feel good about themselfes. The value of LIVES raise. Not just a outer body (cover /dressing) is showing out. Things R simple to get but HARD to PAY for in this eEconomic.

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