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Regular communication among team members is vital in the workplace, as it allows them to collaborate, solve problems and make important business decisions. Email is convenient, but chat apps and messaging apps make it easier than ever for a colleague to share detailed information about projects with someone, whether that person sits in the same office or works across the globe. Consider using the following applications to improve communication within your organization.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free communication system that allows team members to easily connect using chat, videos and calls. You can connect to this application from virtually any device, as long as you have an active Google account. Through Google Hangouts, team members can hold monthly meetings, provide feedback on certain projects, and even hold weekly question and answer sessions in chat rooms. Workers can also share important work files created in Google Docs and Google Drive. Authorized team members can then edit these documents and upload new information as needed.


Flowdock is a chat app that allows members to create communication channels within the application. Therefore, each team within an organization can have its own communication channel, and the team leaders can create threads about specific projects, upcoming meetings and other job-related information. Flowdock works similarly to a forum, so team members can respond, ask questions and get clarification about specific projects, and everyone who is part of the team can see the conversation. As of 2016, use of Flowdock costs $3 per month, but it's free for teams containing five people or fewer.


Jabber is a conferencing, video-chatting and screen-sharing chat app. Jabber can be used alone, or companies can integrate it with other applications using Jabber's software development kit. Jabber is a popular communication app because of its dependability, ease of use and flexibility. Jabber also has a Presence feature that works automatically, letting team members know if you're on the phone, in a meeting, online or away from your device.


Voxer is a chat app that allows users to have quick conversations using short voice recordings. Voxer operates similarly to a walkie-talkie, allowing brief two-way communication through mobile devices. Voxer is an ideal application for workers who must have short verbal interactions with colleagues throughout the day. It eliminates the need for workers to text, read emails or check lengthy forums to find answers to simple work-related questions. A basic version of this chat app is available for free.


Slack is a chat app that uses a format similar to basic text messaging, except the app can host conversations between two people or very large groups. Users have the option of posting messages for all to see or exchanging private messages with specific colleagues. Through Slack, workers can communicate face to face, share files and search for content. Organizations can also integrate this chat app with other software programs.

You no longer have to spend time constructing lengthy emails or engaging in long phone conversations thanks to these handy chat apps. Improve communication in your workplace using these applications, which make it easier than ever to bring team members together to ask questions, share files and review project data in real time.

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