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No one enjoys botching a job interview, but hearing about others downfalls is a great way to get in a better frame of mind during your own job search. Not only are you unlikely to make these huge mistakes, but also, reading about these snafus helps you remember the keys to a good interview. Enjoy the following examples of interviews gone wrong, and then follow the included advice to ensure your interviews are a success.

Be Careful About the Questions You Ask

When bosses on the social network Reddit were asked to share funny stories about their worst interview experiences, many told tales about interviewees who were nearly hired until they blurted out the wrong questions. One engineer applicant asked a female senior engineer if it was just luck that caused her to make it to the top. Another candidate asked right away if the company did random drug testing. A third candidate asked about the possibility of meeting up with the attractive lady whose photo was on the wall and who happened to be one of the company's high-level managers.

Avoid these types of situations by carefully preparing the questions you want to ask before the job interview. Research the company, and then stick to questions about the position you are applying for and the company in general. Some safe options include asking the interviewers about what they like about working for the particular company or inquiring about anticipated changes in the organization.

Don't Share Everything

Job interview horror stories are full of instances of oversharing, from graphic illustrations of murder scenes in a graphic arts portfolio to interviewees who remove clothing to share scars or tattoos. Other examples include oversharing specific details about past firings or personal reasons for needing work. Even if you're desperate for money, your interviewer doesn't need to know that. One interviewee spent 15 minutes gossiping about how horrible her previous boss was only to find out that her previous boss was the sibling of the interviewer. Negative talk and spreading drama are never good things to do during a job interview.

Make sure you don't become the subject of someone's joke by remaining professional throughout your job interviews. When answering questions about sticky situations, only give the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy the interviewer, and don't be afraid to pause and think about your answers before speaking. This is the best way to ensure you don't regret your words later. Most importantly, always dress professionally, and be sure to keep all of your clothing on at all times.

Interviews are stressful for most job seekers, but hearing funny stories about others' mistakes helps to reduce tension. After you're done laughing, take a few extra moments to prepare for your next job interview. Remember to dress professionally, prepare interesting questions and stick to job-appropriate topics for interview success.

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