Is Your Customer Service Staff Equipped to Make Customers Happy?

John Krautzel
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Your customer service staff is the backbone of your business. Make sure your employees have the tools and resources they need to answer consumer questions, supply clients with useful products and services, and represent your company in a positive and respectful manner.

Keep customer service representatives prepared and ready to make your customers happy by providing them with the equipment they need. Your team requires up-to-date computers, user-friendly software application, technologically advanced telephones and headsets that are easy to operate. Supply your team with scripts and frequently asked questions so they can easily reference information to disseminate to your customers.

Provide ample and frequent training seminars for your customer service staff. Training helps your employees build skills, learn proper etiquette and identify appropriate products and services suited for your clients. Invest in training sessions that are designed to teach transferable skills so your employees feel valued. A company willing to provide updates on products and services, training in customer service procedures and problem-solving strategies shows that it recognizes and values the importance of the frontline employees representing the business.

Arm your customer service staff with feedback and evaluations so they develop a sense of loyalty toward the company and its clients. Employees are often motivated by goal-setting sessions and opportunities for advancement. This satisfaction spills over into higher performance quality and drives employees to work harder to meet the needs of your clients. Show that you are invested in your employees' success by enhancing your staff's ability to satisfy your customers.

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