Importance of Creating a Cohesive Customer Journey

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The journey a customer experiences while navigating your businesses products and services can make or break the potential of repeat service. Catering to customers with a cohesive customer service experience includes managing the process from start to finish and prepping employees with the resources to meet the needs of customers, resulting in a satisfying consumer experience.

A cohesive journey that caters to the customers impacts more than just the revenue and profit gain for businesses. Give customers a memorable experience with your company by preparing customer service representatives with the know-how and necessary resources. Training should be a crucial element within every company so customers can experience a cohesive journey from the first inquiring phone call to the delivery of a product or service.

Employees who maintain a positive tone through both verbal and nonverbal messages can significantly impact the buying experience for customers. When a business employs customer service representatives who are happy and confident, customers feel more assured when conducting business with the company. Training employees to actively listen to customer needs is also a successful strategy that improves the consumer's journey. For example, when employees actively listen to what customers need and provide solutions to problems without judgment or frustration, consumers are more likely to spread the word to others about the positive shopping experience.

One of the most successful strategies to create a cohesive journey for customers is to make a personal connection. Allow employees to work one-on-one with clients to build a trusting relationship and streamline the customer service process so clients can call on a specific employee versus hopping from one representative to another when faced with concerns or challenges with products and services. Customers who are transferred from one department to the next become easily frustrated. Working one-on-one with employees who speak clearly and softly, especially when customers are frustrated with the company or a process, helps make the customer feel understood, which stimulates feelings of loyalty to the employee and your business.

Companies who establish a customer-centered approach versus a product-centered approach typically enhance the cohesiveness of a customer's journey. A staff who is knowledgeable and understands that the consumer relies on helpful customer service for support can enhance the buying experience and potentially retain business, even when problems arise for the consumer.

Customers are much more savvy than most realize, and they recognize the authenticity of an employee's customer service practices. Provide your valued customers with a cohesive journey from start to finish that includes pleasant and positive interactions, follow through when delivering products and services, and resolve conflicts with a customer-centered focus to improve not just your bottom line, but the company's reputation as a whole, leading to loyal customers in the future.


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