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Preparing for a job interview often sends candidates through the process of rehearsing interview questions and perfecting their elevator pitches. However, a key part of your preparation should revolve around questions you can ask the employer. Spend time researching accomplishments, processes and personnel from the firm so you can show you are eager, well-informed and ready to join the team. Preliminary research can also help you to compile questions to ask.

1. What is the Long-Term Vision of the Company?

During a job interview, show that you are thoroughly invested in working for the firm long-term. Ask about the goals and missions of the company. Primarily, inquire about how the company plans to continue growing and expanding. If an employer is prepared to share strategic plans and visions of the firm, use this to your advantage. Explain how your skills and qualifications can aid with the company's plans and efforts. Outline how you have contributed to a company's success in past positions, and then detail how your personal and professional goals are in line with the company's goals.

2. What are Some Challenges of this Position?

Show that you are ready to take on any type of challenge by inquiring about difficult aspects of the position during the job interview. Asking these types of interview questions lets the employer know that you prefer direct communication so you can then build a plan and take action. Share how you have handled similar challenges in your previous roles so the hiring manager has evidence of your problem-solving skills.

3. What Type of Progress Would You Like to See in the First Year?

Asking this type of question during a job interview lets employers know that you are interested in long-term employment and that you are also eager to set goals for yourself. Your response to this question also helps you to determine if the company has a clear plan or vision for your potential future role. While it is important for you to share information with the employer during the job interview, it is also important for you to determine if the position is a good fit for your professionally. When a hiring manager is prepared to answer your inquiries, and is honest about how you would fit into the company, your assessment of the opportunity is much clearer.

Interviews typically involve a hiring manager posing questions while a candidate responds, but you can showcase your eagerness and willingness to learn about the company by asking your own questions toward the end of the job interview. Prepare questions that give you the chance to further detail your knowledge of the company's operations and provide additional information about your skills and successes to further impress potential employers.

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