If You Are Changing Careers, Consider Adding These Skills to Your Resume

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You just decided that changing careers is your way to find professional happiness. There are plenty of great jobs out there, but here is a lot of competition. Discover some skills to add to your resume to give you a competitive edge against others vying for the same types of jobs you desire.

1. Adaptability

Things can change quickly due to technological advancements, industry trends and innovations. On your resume, let employers know you're flexible and a fast learner who can easily and quickly adapt to change.

2. Tech Skills

Because technology can change things quickly, it's a good idea to continuously advance your tech skills. Consider learning how to code, becoming good with Photoshop and familiarizing yourself with industry-specific software. Stay on top of basic computer software, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

3. Communication

Effective communication is important in the workplace. Define a role in which you displayed great communication skills on your resume. For example, if you're moving into the medical field after spending 10 years as a teacher, explain how the communication skills you developed as a teacher made it easier to connect with students, parents, staff and members of your community.

4. Dependability

Every supervisor needs to know if they can depend on you in pinch. Highlight dependability on your resume by stating you put in extra hours during an important project to ensure it met the deadline. Once you're hired, arrive to work on time every day, stay a bit late if you have to, and learn how to do your job really well.

5. Leadership

Leadership abilities stand out to an employer, whether you're applying for a supervisory position or not. Demonstrate these types of skills on your resume by listing a time you spearheaded a project or held a management position at some point in your previous career.

6. Problem-Solving

Chances are good that you may run into a situation that requires analytical thinking in order to solve a complex problem. Showcase your problem-solving skills by explaining a time when you helped your employer grow due to your innovating thinking. Perhaps you helped to automate a certain process or created a new product or service.

7. Interpersonal Skills

Having the ability to get along with your colleagues and clients is essential in any job. On your resume, list a role in which you needed to get along with various types of people in order to achieve success.

8. Integrity

Employers love people who are honest, have a great work ethic and display integrity. Explain that you consistently go above and beyond your normal duties and are a dedicated and driven employee who wants your team to succeed.

Learning these skills and listing them on your resume might go a long way to easing the transition of changing careers. What skills do you feel are important for someone embarking on a new career?

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