How to Showcase Your Value as an Admin to Recruiters

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Administration assistants and clerical workers provide an invaluable lifeline for companies of all shapes and sizes. As an admin professional, you handle a myriad of tasks on any given day, allowing other workers to focus their attention on their personal workloads. Showcasing these administrative skills effectively to a recruiter gives you the opportunity to land a job with a reputable employer. In order to do this, you need to follow a few simple guidelines.

In most cases, your cover letter serves as your first point of contact with admin recruiters. Let your administrative skills shine by researching the employer and clearly explaining how you would bring value to the position. Demonstrating your knowledge of the company shows a recruiter that you are serious about working for them, while writing a professional letter without grammatical issues or spelling mistakes gives an employer the chance to see your writing abilities.

After highlighting your administrative skills in your cover letter, prepare yourself for the interview portion of the hiring process. Admin recruiters look for workers with proven experience and the right educational background, but many hiring managers also need to determine whether you presented yourself accurately on your resume and cover letter. It may feel tempting to fudge certain details or stretch the truth, but remember that you want to make an authentic impression on your recruiting officer. Keeping yourself honest and truthful ultimately proves a successful strategy.

When called for the interview, you want to choose the right outfit, come to the interview prepared and answer any questions directly. Hiring managers are not only interested in your administrative skills and capacities, but many also want to determine whether you have the right personality for the job. The best piece of advice is to simply be yourself, as an authentic representation of who you are gives the admin recruiter the tools necessary to make the right decision, for the company and yourself.

Following the initial interview, you want to express your gratitude for the opportunity to meet with the recruiter. Many recruits now eschew the handwritten thank you letter, instead sending a quick email following the meeting. Most experts advise sending an email because the recipient receives it much faster than a piece of written correspondence. You might also choose to send both a letter and an email. Regardless of which choice you make, use the letter to briefly mention your administrative skills and your desire to work for the company, followed by a simple thank you for the recruiter's time.

Landing a job through a recruiter gives you the opportunity to enter a new workplace and join a vibrant team of workers. Without effectively demonstrating your administrative skills to the recruiter, you may never obtain that job, however. Focus on providing a hiring officer with a consistent image from the moment you apply for a job, and with a bit of luck, you are bound to make a lasting impression.

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