Great Customer Service with Smarts and Heart

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Clients and customers seek out customer service that shows a company genuinely cares about their business, their well-being and their satisfaction. Businesses that invest time, money and training into the overall customer experience know that service must be lead with smarts and heart. Enhance the experience for each and every client and improve productivity and profitability by providing service with a smile.

Employee attitudes matter when serving customers and clients. Your employees must want to help your customers in order to provide the best customer service, explains Retail Expert Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle with Forbes. A less-than-excited customer representative is not going to gain your company business or respect. Train employees to mask frustrations and annoyances and develop a genuine want to help satisfy your clients. Emphasize the need to set personal feelings aside and show the benefits of helping customers gain satisfaction. As a result, your employees may find that the customer service experience is enjoyable and rewarding for both themselves and the clients.

Successful businesses know that the customers are the backbone of the company's success. An old-fashioned approach is not outdated. In fact, the philosophy that the customer comes first is very much thriving. Train employees to develop a genuine interest in the well-being of each and every client. Encourage friendly greetings, consistent smiles and sincere appreciation for the business of your customers. Emphasize the need to prepare for any and all questions from clients, and provide the tools and resources your employees need to succeed. Most of all, stress to your employees that without the customers, the company would no longer exist. Putting the customer first is a key step in ensuring your business gains a reputation that increases profitability.

Appreciate your customers to stay one step ahead of the competition. Show your appreciation by providing customer service that is focused on undivided attention. Focus on the client, and avoid distractions that can communicate your attention is elsewhere. Listen to what each customer has to say, and make a personal connection from the start of the buying experience. Make the experience about the customer, not about you. Employee attitudes are easily detected by clients.
A can-do attitude is essential to attracting potential clients and retaining existing customers. Show that you are genuinely interested in providing the best possible customer service from the first interaction to the last.

Businesses can invest thousands of dollars in marketing strategies, but without customer service strategies, training on customer retention and a genuine interest in pleasing customers, the investment in marketing is ineffective and useless. Train employees to make a personal connection by putting the customer first, and, as a result, the company's brand embraces a philosophy that leads with smarts and hearts.

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