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Sometimes, your ideal job starts with a position at your dream company. In order to get noticed by the firm, you have to stand out from other potential candidates. The process seems daunting, yet several practical steps provide a path for your dream employer to follow that eventually leads to you to that coveted position.

Job search expert Allison Doyle explains a great cover letter and dynamite resume help, but other candidates do the exact same thing. Get noticed by embracing seven tips related to Doyle by Microsoft staffing manager Eugenia Sawa. When you consider tech giant Google receives more than a million resumes every year, and Yahoo! supposedly got 12,000 resumes per week during its heyday, you realize competition is fierce. Whether your dream company is a software engineering firm, a popular, high-end eatery or a local manufacturer, these tips remain relevant for all rungs of the corporate ladder.

Professionalism in all aspects of your career remains a top priority for job candidates. Polish your professional attitude online, in person and on paper. Your first impression is often the most important, so make it a good one by maintaining professionalism throughout the job search process.

Tie your face time and online presence with your resume. Work ethic, accomplishments, skills and personality should show consistency. When you walk into your interview with your dream company, there should be no surprises.

Use social media to connect at conferences, seminars and networking opportunities. Let your dream company know you'll stop by its booth and introduce yourself. Like or comment on the company's article that mentions a particular conference within the scope of a social media presence.

Sawa says LinkedIn is there, so use it. The social media website for business professionals allows users to expand upon concepts within a resume, so LinkedIn should definitely be on your radar.

While LinkedIn is great, do not limit yourself to that online tool. Expand into other websites such as Quora and Twitter to interact with professionals in your field. Seek out experts who work for your dream company and start a professional dialogue.

Update your accomplishments regularly. The new year represents a great time to clean up the clutter, add new professional triumphs and refresh your brand. Think about relevant achievements, write them down, and make your annual review easier.

Don't just set professional goals, but ensure you reach them. These goals can be as simple as taking a continuing education course at your local community college or as far-reaching as attending an international conference.

Create personal connections with your prospective boss at the company where you want to work. Communicate with your future supervisor, the head of recruitment and other people relevant to your position. Start out with a professional letter and go from there.

Your dream company is just a few steps away from becoming a reality in your career. All it takes is maintaining professionalism, making relevant connections and reaching out to prospective managers. The sooner this happens, the better, even if the job you want is not open yet.


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