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Great customer service is no accident. How an employee or representative treats you depends not only on their company culture and business strategies, but also on how you present yourself as a consumer. Get the best treatment and premium picks of products and services with gestures that show you are a loyal customer.

Be Positive

The way a consumer responds to business associates matters. Visualize that you are going to receive premium service, and your positive attitude will show. Confident, yet pleasant consumers regularly receive better customer service because they create an energy that is positive and relaxes the sales associate. Avoid making hasty or demeaning comments that deplete the energy and positivity of the transaction, recommends Chip R. Bell with Entrepreneur magazine.

Make a Good First Impression

Your positive energy can significantly influence how customer service representatives respond to your needs. Enter the business with a smile, make eye contact, and deliver a positive greeting to lighten the mood. Sales associates often deal with rushed and angry clients who exhibit aggressive versus appreciative behavior. Be optimistic and the behavior is often contagious when dealing with sales associates.

Show Respect

Sales associates can frequently detect when consumers are angry, impatient or disrespectful from the start of the transaction. As a result, the customer service you receive habitually reflects the same attitude and behaviors. Use your best manners and show sales associates respect by saying "please" and "thank you." Express appreciation for their time and acknowledge that you recognize the challenges representatives encounter on a daily basis. Your kindness and respect can ultimately improve the service received because the representative feels appreciated.

Build a Relationship

Oftentimes, customer service representatives encounter consumers who are rude, detached and rushed. Build a relationship from the start of the transaction that shows you are interested in their well-being as well as the products and services sold. Inquire about the sales associate's day, show that you are a loyal customer, and make small talk to lighten the mood if the representative seems stressed or preoccupied. Inquire about their job, their daily tasks and their knowledge of the products and services. Compliment associates on their preparation and willingness to provide excellent service. When you take a special interest in people, they often respond by taking a special interest in you, which can result in better service and the opportunity to obtain premium products and services.

Sales associates and representatives face many of the same challenges that consumers do on a daily basis. You can enhance the customer service you receive by taking a special interest in representatives, showing a positive attitude and displaying mutual respect that may ultimately result in better service, access to premium products and a satisfying experience.

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