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Back in 2010, UPS created a memorable commercial set to the tune of “That’s Amore” all about logistics.   The video showed UPS delivery employees and warehouses in the process of getting packages from one place to another, while musically describing each scenario, ending with, “that’s logistics.” 


There have always been delivery services.  From couriers on bicycles or foot, delivering documents or packages to large scale delivery services with fleets of trucks and airplanes like UPS or FedEx, the magic of on-time delivery is all about logistics.  Logistics is a process of moving goods efficiently and accurately from one point to another.  It is also the systems used to store, select, label, pack, transport, track and deliver the product.  With the tremendous growth of Internet commerce, there are more job opportunities in logistics than ever before.  In Savannah, the Georgia Ports Authority, the second largest port on the eastern seaboard,  is one of the largest employers in the region, moving cargo to and from the ports and out to the world on container ships.  It’s all about logistics.


If you’re looking for a growing industry with opportunity, a career in logistics may be for you. 


1.     What they do-- Logistics managers work with the organization’s purchasing, operations and warehouse managers to coordinate the movement of goods in and out of the facility.  They are responsible for stocking, labeling, and storing products in a safe manner.  They monitor the movement of goods within the warehouse, and make sure that they are delivered to the proper locations for production or shipment.  They may be involved in ordering product, analyzing data and working with quality improvement teams to improve the supply chain management systems. 


2.     Education:  If you want to get on the management track in logistics, you will benefit from a degree related to supply chain management or transportation management.  A Masters degree related to supply chain management, transportation or logistics may open doors to an upper-level management or regional management positions.  Training or certification in supply chain management software systems, such as SAP, is also a plus.


3.     Experience:  Three to five years work experience in logistics and the ability to manage large-scale systems and complex, multi-level operations and hourly staff is a plus.  Experience that matches the product type, industry and size of operation will help move you to the top of the list.  Logistics managers have to work under tight time frames, meet deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment.  They have to be able to work under pressure.  They must have great attention to detail and be able to solve problems and work out solutions quickly.  Experience in data analysis and working with spreadsheets is also a plus.  Human resources management experience rounds out possible requirements. 


4.     Physical Requirements:  Walking, standing, and lifting are some of the physical requirements in logistics.  These will vary with each industry and organization, but the work can be physically demanding.


A career in logistics can offer a variety of work environments, travel, excellent pay and early opportunities for management responsibility.  It is an exciting career with expanding opportunities.  



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  • Peter C
    Peter C
    Thanks, Mary!Like Anthony, I have related experience, but wasn't sure what education would help me land jobs calling for logistics knowledge.
  • Anthony M
    Anthony M
    This was some very enlighting information. The logistics has always been a field of interest for me. I some experience in the field, the information you provided in this article will help with my focus.
  • Todd C
    Todd C
    I am reading your article from over in northern Afghanistan, and I am wondering about the transportation logistics market.  Is it ready?  I have been "marooned" over here in the middle east and west asia for 5 years now, since the collapse of trucking as i knew it.  Having been an independent truck driver owner operator and company driver/driver trainer, I know the intimate aspects of "living on the edge".  Well I still am living on the edge wondering if any incoming will come in today or not.On the lighter side, I will eventually have to come home.  I am not in the military, just a senior person, age 50, with tons of experience and supervision experience, working with the military in transportation and air field management.  I have been sending my resume around to everywhere, Saudi Arabia, the USA and where my wife comes from, the Philappines.  Seems still everything on hold.  That and too many applicants.  I make $155,000 per year here, and may need to work a year or two, and all debt will be gone.  I am trying to locate positions for myself, and my wife, who is a quick learner, and she has three years of college.  I have many degrees.  And certifications.  Will there be any jobs available?  Just wondering, seems all there is are entry level poor paying positions.  Would like feedback please, and advice.  Never too old to ask for advice.  Ask my wife this.  Haha... Well, thanks for reading my piece, and I live on a family farm in Newton Falls, Ohio, near Youngstown and North Jackson, Ohio.  No, I cannot move.  Would be nice if I could.  Thank you.

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