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In the past, the focus on customer service has revolved around attracting new clients through creative marketing strategies. A transition toward retaining customers has evolved, which is changing the way businesses cater to the needs of clients and the importance of their success with products and services.

Customers who feel satisfied and successful are often loyal to the business and willing to naturally promote the products and services. Retaining customers revolves around customer strategies designed to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently and making a personal connection that leaves clients feeling successful. Businesses willing to discover the causes of negative customer experiences are better equipped to improve customer satisfaction, according to Catherine Blackmore of Salesforce. Map the customer journey from the first interaction to the last to pinpoint problems within the customer service process. Companies willing to identify weaknesses and unsuccessful practices that lead to client frustration have the resources needed to improve the success of the customer experience.

Poor customer interactions can derail the success of a business and the retention of valuable clients. Be proactive in determining what processes and procedures are working for both the company as a whole and the clients. Solicit feedback from customers after each transaction and utilize this input to make necessary changes. Customers who are frustrated with long wait times or inadequate service need to feel that the company cares about rectifying the problem. Survey results offer valuable information that may show that businesses need to work on retention and overall customer satisfaction.

Focus on quality customer service experiences by evaluating in-house operations. Aim to hire skilled, patient and competent employees who have a pleasant attitude and willingness to work with clients. Train employees to calmly troubleshoot customer problems and complaints and demand friendly and knowledgeable interactions with every single transaction. Sales associates and customer service representatives are the face of the business and often help customers to form a first and lasting impression about the company itself. When customers feel satisfied and successful after interacting with representatives of a business, trust and loyalty naturally follow.

Businesses can also make customers feel successful by creating a personal connection. Keep in contact with clients through social media, telephone contact and email follow-ups to ensure they are satisfied with products and services. Train customer service representatives to make a personal connection, learn customer names and take a special interest in the client from the first interaction to the last.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the customer service and customer satisfaction level by requesting input and feedback from clients on a regular basis. Clients who feel that their opinions matter typically develop a sense of loyalty and trust toward the business, which naturally results in repeat business that can increase profitability.

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