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Today, more and more people are relying on smartphones and mobile devices in their day-to-day lives. This has led to an explosion on the market for mobile apps, with tech-savvy startups creating apps that fulfill functions in a wide range of areas. The customer service market is no exception. A number of innovative customer service apps have appeared in recent years that make buying, selling and interacting with customers easier than ever before.

Mobile apps are a major growth industry. A recent study showed that 70 percent of smartphone users had more than 10 apps installed in their devices, while 12 percent had more than 50 installed. Furthermore, a growing number of people spend more time using apps on their phone than they do browsing the Internet. With so many people making use of apps, customer service apps are a great way to stay in contact with customers and build more intimate relationships.

There is also evidence to suggest that many customers prefer to interact with a company using a mobile app. More than 70 percent of smartphone users report holding more positive views of a company if it offers a comprehensive mobile app. This has led a number of businesses to build their brands by going mobile. Starbucks is one example of an early adopter that has experienced a lot of success with a mobile app. The Starbucks app allows quick and easy payment via smartphone, and it also offers a rewards program that lets customers earn free food and drink.

There are a number of different ways to use mobile apps for customer service, and businesses should get creative in what they offer in the mobile marketplace. An app can be used to promote new products, as a platform for a reward program or as an easy method of picking out and paying for items. Before starting work on an app, ask yourself how you want it to benefit your company. That way, the development process can begin with a clear goal in mind.

everal different factors are important when designing mobile apps. Studies suggest that customers value speed and functionality most when evaluating mobile apps. In other words, an app can look great, but that means very little if it doesn't function as it should. Also, consider an intuitive design for your mobile app. Customers generally don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to use an app, and they may not be able to devote their full attention to it when they use it.

Apps provide a great way to stay ahead in the area of customer service. They allow businesses to connect with their customers, creating a constant link between buyers and sellers. Mobile apps also allow for creative sales promotions, and they can be used to take the place of marketing tools such as rewards cards and discount coupons.


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