Customer Service Trends to Watch For in 2015

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The new year offers businesses the opportunity to evaluate policies, procedures and practices. Customer service trends should be a top priority when determining sales and service strategies to keep your business thriving. Evaluate consumer trends to recruit and retain customers for years to come.

Improve how your employees interact with clients and meet consumers' needs by analyzing the numbers. Uncover consumer trends by evaluating average sales, revenue dips and surges and ratings from clients. Ask yourself probing questions about your customer effort score and customer's frequency of purchase to determine which areas of your business need attention.

Customer service trends for the new year indicate that clients crave personal attention and follow-through when purchasing products and services. Evaluate your past successes to ensure future success in satisfying clients.

Customer service trends also indicate that while consumers appreciate face-to-face service, many are open to self-service solutions. Provide instructive videos and articles on your website that can be easily searched when customers are attempting to troubleshoot on their own. Post instructional manuals for products and a Frequently Asked Questions page online so customers have easy access to informative tips within seconds.

Social media may not be a new concept, but it shows no signs of slowing down and continues to be a top contender with customer service trends. Embrace new and innovative customer service strategies to communicate with customers by making your social media presence prominent to attract a broader client base. Post daily tips, answer questions via chat and Twitter, and encourage customers to provide feedback in open forums. Customers are smart and can see right through lazy attempts to post a half-hearted message every few weeks. Show that your company is forward thinking by thoroughly and actively utilizing technology to attract and retain clients.Make a valiant effort to solicit feedback from your clients. Customer service trends indicate that each year customers have higher expectations when shopping for products and services. Let your customers know that you value feedback and request it often to improve your company's practices. Consumers know what constitutes good customer service, and they expect it with each and every transaction. Your business is vying with every competitor from the moment customers log onto your website, call your company or walk in the door of a retail shop. They remember the tone of the interactions and are not afraid to spread the word regardless if it is positive or negative.

Stay on top of customer service trends and maintain a professional and helpful attitude from the start of the shopping experience to the close of the sale to ensure your business thrives, and customers leave satisfied. The return on investment can impact your company's bottom line this year and for many more years.


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