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Customer analytics are increasingly being used as a tool to improve corporate performance and to satisfy customer needs. These analytics can help companies examine customer behavior and, based on the results, determine its steps in improving the performance in regards to customer service, as well as sale tactics. Collecting customers' data is the easiest part, but using it and embedding it into the culture of the corporation is the most important step.

Customer behavior can be easily determined by collecting data such as age group, postal codes, time and day of shopping, reaction to marketing campaigns, collecting feedback and preferences of the customers. Corporations often fail to analyze this data properly, and therefore do not take full advantage of its value. In order to take full advantage of the value of customer analytics, corporations should extensively use customer analytics in every aspect of their behavior in terms of multi-channel marketing and selling, offering better service and products, and embedding this tactic into the core of the corporation and its employees.

By knowing their customers, corporations can not only determine future customer behavior, but also be in a position to satisfy customers better. Even the corporations that use the Internet as a selling point can track cookies in order to gather customer data which can help analyze customer behavior, which products they are reviewing, what they are buying and any other trend in regards to a customer's visit to the website. This type of data can be very valuable and help a corporation increase its profit with up-sells and cross-sells. It can also assist a corporation to plan its next marketing move, improve products and plan out a budget.

Corporations that take advantage of analyzing customer behavior have higher profits than the corporations that do not focus on this method. Also, they are more successful in retaining customers and have higher profit sourcing from up-selling and cross-selling. By knowing its customers, it makes it easier for corporations to use target marketing, which only helps improve customer service performance. Target marketing is a key point in improving sales because, by knowing the customers, corporations can create tactics on gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones. Any corporation that concentrates in using customer analytics in this way does not only see better selling performance, but also more satisfied customers.

An increasing number of corporations realize that collecting customer data is the solution to increase profit and satisfy customers. Corporations should not only collect and analyze this data, but they should embed it into the culture of the corporation and make it a basis for the success. Any corporation that takes advantage of analyzing customer behavior is one step ahead of its competitors that do not practice this tactic.

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