Creative Yet Simple Ways to Increase Sales

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Spending thousands of dollars on intricate marketing campaigns can put a strain on any business, especially small businesses that do not have the resources available to launch these types of campaigns. Even large businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, yet increase their brand identity. With just a little time and creativity, you can increase your brand identity and capture additional sales. Here are some ideas that are fun and simple to implement: *Create an On-Hold Message so your customers can listen to any upcoming specials that you are running. Keep the message simple and straightforward. These on-hold messages should be recorded by someone who has a good speaking voice and an upbeat personality that comes through over the telephone. *If you use invoices as a part of doing business, place a promotional piece inside the invoice, such as a simple flier stating your special. *Receipts for purchases can have specials placed on them for a minimal fee. *Use voicemail messages stating an upcoming event or a special promotion. *Do you need referrals? How about having stickers printed up telling your customers that you will give them a % off of an item for every referral given? These stickers can be placed on just about anything! *Begin to build a database with new and existing customers and send out periodic e-mails with upcoming events and promotions. When building the database, try to include the customer’s date of birth and any other personal information you can gather. *How can you create that database? Have a drawing by purchasing tickets for a sports team such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc. or an ice-skating competition, a concert or any other type of event you believe would be of interest to your customers. Make up an entry form that includes the customer’s date of birth, and any other types of information you would like to gather. *Send out occasion cards such as: Happy Thanksgiving, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or funny cards about April 15th Tax Filing. These cards can also be reminders to customers about potential construction taking place in your business area and alternate routes to take to get to your place of business. *Don’t be afraid to ask your employees, your customers, and your family and friends about other ways to advertise your business. You will be pleasantly surprised with how insightful they can be! Lastly, I would recommend purchasing a program such as Microsoft Publisher, which some liken to a poor-man’s PageMaker. This type of program has helped me get my creative juices flowing and develop pieces that are attention grabbers. Some people may frown on this last piece of advice, however, I believe that it is a terrific investment for any small business owner. Remember: “The Key to Success is for you to make a habit, throughout your life, of doing the things that you fear.” Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). Copyright Lisa Zver – July 28, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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