Creating an Action Plan for Your Customer Service Job Hunt

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Customer service jobs can be difficult to find, and competition among applicants hoping to land one of the few available customer service jobs is fierce. Putting an action plan into place to help with your job search makes it easier to find a good job and can cut your search time in half.

Put simply, an action plan is a series of small steps that helps you achieve a specific goal. In some cases, your action plan will consist of smaller goals that lead up to one large goal. However, to create an action plan that will help you find a customer service job, establish several steps to perform each day until you land the job you want. This helps you stay on track and ensures you aren't wasting time.

The first thing you should do is decide what kind of available customer service job you want to find. Customer service jobs can include anything from working at the service counter in a big chain store to answering phones in a call center. Identify the type of position you'd like to find so that you don't expend energy applying for jobs you really don't want.

In addition to deciding on the type of customer service job you want to find, you should determine whether you want a full-time, permanent position or you can afford to work as a temporary employee. According to a recent article on the, companies will increase hiring for full-time, permanent customer service jobs by 25 percent in 2014, and some companies will consider using temporary employees who could later transition into permanent positions. However, part-time hiring will continue to rise throughout the year. If you need a quick income, consider searching for a customer service job through a temporary employment agency or taking a part-time position. Finding full-time, permanent customer service work is possible, but in many cases it will take you longer to land a position.

Finally, your action plan should include the steps you're going to take to find a customer service job. You can find job openings in numerous places including online job search websites, local job banks, and your local newspaper.

Finding a job that you want isn't always a simple process. However, when you have an action plan and follow it every day, the process gets easier. Customer service jobs are available—all you need to do is find them.


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  • Yvette Williams
    Yvette Williams
    These are all great tips especially this one.This is the field I'm trying to improve in more and get a job in.

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