Creating Emotionally Engaging Customer Service Experiences

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Customers don't always realize it, but emotions play a key part in their buying experience. Customer service strategies that focus on the emotional side of buying can create a more positive experience and develop an ardent customer connection that builds loyalty from your buyers. Create an emotional connection from the start of the transaction to strengthen the relationship with your valuable clients.

Customer service strategies that focus on developing an emotional connection to the client encourage loyalty that can result in repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. Customers are loyal when they are emotionally attached, explains Diane Berenbaum with Communico. In fact, many customers prefer to buy products and services from companies who show a personal interest in their needs, wants and passions. Build a long-term relationship with your clients to brand the company's customer service strategies positively, ultimately increasing profits and repeat business.

Build an emotional customer connection to market the company's products and services naturally. Studies show that clients who feel emotionally connected to the company are three times more likely to recommend or refer customers to the business. In addition, connected customers are also three times more likely to re-purchase and less likely to shop around or support the competition.

Businesses can improve customer service strategies and increase the company's bottom line by focusing on connections with customers. Examine procedures and processes to evaluate the emotional nature of the messages sent to customers. Take the focus away from you and the company by evaluating what customers need from the start to the finish of each interaction and transaction. Focus on putting yourself in the shoes of the customers to evaluate the experience and determine if you are building an emotional connection with each client. Consider changing the processes and procedures if the customer's needs are not at the forefront of every transaction.

Assess what your clients need on a regular basis. In general, customers are seeking ease of use, speed and personal solutions when patronizing businesses. Eliminate processes that are frustrating or inconvenient for clients and work to speed up processes for ease of use. Create a personal connection with clients by soliciting their input about how the company can improve customer service strategies. Clients who feel that their input is valued often develop loyalty toward the company and its employees. As a result, satisfied customers who feel emotionally connected to the business typically provide referrals and naturally advertise the company to draw in additional clients.

Customer service strategies must be client-centered and focus on personal, emotional connections with your valued clients. Seek out new ways to make a personal connection with each client who calls or visits your business to improve your company's brand, image and profitability.

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