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Hiring managers often look over hundreds of applications each week. You must find a way to make your resume and cover letter stand out. Craft a letter that goes above and beyond using the average opening statement, and customize your application materials to show that you are the ideal fit for the position. It all begins with your job search.

Focus your job search on researching companies that have opportunities that are in line with your career goals. Investigate successes and accomplishments of the company within the industry, and use this information in your cover letter to show that you have put in the time and effort to research the positive aspects of the business. Outline how your career goals line up with the company's efforts, and show how your skills and experience can help impact productivity and profits.

Hiring managers seek candidates who can impress them from the start. Avoid general and overused introductory statements in your cover letter. Candidates who begin with "I am applying for a position with your company" are at a disadvantage, especially when the rest of the applicant pool begins the letter in the same manner. Begin with an opening statement that captures interest, offers a narrative about your experiences in past positions or provides an overview of your skills right away.

Stand out from the rest of the candidates by using keywords from the job description within your cover letter. Analyze the job description carefully, and create a list of your skills that match what the company desires. Your letter should include a bulleted list of your proficiency in computer software and hardware or equipment used by the company to show the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience to get started right away with minimal training.

Employers seek candidates who are self-starters. Provide specific examples of how you have improved productivity or revamped procedures in past positions. Outline how you have met deadlines, worked well with teams, and offer premium customer service to attract and retain clients. Concrete evidence of your success is impressive and shows tangible evidence that you can succeed in the position.

Put your personality on display, too. Provide examples of how you are active within the community, have a desire to see the company meet goals and work well with colleagues to accomplish goals. Your cover letter should provide an accurate description of your work ethic and strategies used to succeed on the job.

Your letter should accurately describe your skills, but it should also provide specific examples that display your success in the industry, your eagerness to accomplish goals and your impact on the companies you have worked for in the past. Show off your skills with an engaging cover letter that prompts the employer to want to meet you in person.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Jose don't be afraid of the cover letter. This is where you sell yourself to the company by explaining how you could benefit the company. Do a search for examples for cover letters of your profession and see what they say. That will give you a good idea how to proceed with yours. Best of luck.

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