Cover Letter Tips for Millennials

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A cover letter is a helpful tool for hiring managers to assess the skills and experience of millennials. You may see the task as repetitive or unnecessary, but you can make it worthwhile by crafting a letter that is engaging, interesting and different from the pool of candidates completing application materials from a general template.

Make your cover letter grab the attention of the employer by beginning with a provocative statement. Begin with a catchy quote or relay an anecdote from a previous position to immediately eliminate the mundane opening that is characteristic of many introductory letters, suggests FlexJobs. Encourage the hiring manager to continue reading with an introductory paragraph that is unique.

You can list every accomplishment or award you have ever received in a cover letter, but the hiring manager can obtain this information from your resume. Think about the type of interview questions you may be asked, and tell a story within your letter that answers the questions before you even have the opportunity to step foot into the door. Hiring managers often want to know about how you have worked with a team to complete a project, provided impeccable customer service to retain clients or improved productivity by collaborating with co-workers. Share specific details that outline your strategies and techniques in the workplace in narrative form to draw the reader into your letter.

Millennials must find a way to stand out from the rest of the candidates by forming a brand well before they are asked interview questions. Identify your niche well before you begin writing a cover letter, and develop an online portfolio, a professional network and a name for yourself based on the brand. Outline your brand within your letter, and support the brand with a professional online presence. Direct the hiring manager to your social media accounts, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, that provide informative links and professional conversations with people in the industry.

Show that you have put time and effort into getting to know the ins and outs of the company. Research the mission and goals of the business, and evaluate the products and services offered before writing your cover letter. Read through the job description, and identify keywords you can use that may capture the interest of the hiring manager. Compare your skills and experience to the desired qualifications when writing your letter, and outline how your career goals match the mission and goals of the company to show that you are an ideal fit for the position.

Millennials are competing with top talent in a variety of industries. Job application materials that include a well-written and proofread cover letter and polished resume can help you to stand out above the rest of the candidates. Put your best foot forward by writing a letter that is original and unique.

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