Counting the Cost of Poor Customer Service

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Highly experienced salespeople understand the fundamental tenets of great customer service. The ugly truth is that poor customer service can be especially damaging to a company, and losing valuable customers is bound to happen for a variety of reasons. Consider how poor customer service affects a business' success.

A Bad Reputation

A reputation for poor customer service can prevent a local business from expanding and gaining the popularity it needs to thrive, and many big-box retailers have been publicly attacked for subpar customer service. The world of social media has made it easier to blight a business that is unsatisfying to consumers. A single negative post about a business can go viral online, sullying a store's online reputation. It is important to encourage customers to leave positive feedback both online or offline when they are satisfied with their service.

High Customer Dissatisfaction

Making sure that your customers are happy must be a top priority to avoid a legacy of poor customer service. With a solid commitment to excellent service, you can gain loyal customers and a more consistent revenue. Friendly, courteous customer service professionals who aim to please are most successful. Customer service professionals should be ready to tend to the needs of every client and answer questions to provide better service. When a customer's concerns and demands are addressed, you can raise customer satisfaction through appropriate action.

Loss of Customers

One of the most glaring examples of poor customer service is when a store representative engages in a heated argument with a client. A fundamental customer service lesson to remember is that the customer is always right. In his eyes, he has been wronged. Arguing with the customer only ends in frustration for both parties, and it threatens the chance of finalizing a sale. Focus on resolving your customer's issue, and you can even remedy the client/vendor relationship in the process. The most trustworthy stores that offer top service are known to handle consumer complaints quickly, raising customer satisfaction and minimizing store distractions. As long as the customer is not making exorbitant demands, it may be wise to rule in his favor.

Loss of Profits

Studies indicate that businesses lose more that $80 billion a year due to shabby customer service and defective products. A crucial customer service lesson that must be remembered is that the customer is a highly valuable asset. Without customers, the company would not make any profits, and employees would not earn monetary compensation. Smart retailers know that customers have a number of shopping alternatives to choose from, so it is essential to treat each customer as valuable. In addition, offering the customer quality products and services is important to keep him coming back.

Do not let poor customer service sabotage your business when it is within your control. A company that knows how to treat its customers acquires a winning edge that attracts more sales. Find out what your customers want, and aim to give it to them. Adopting basic customer service advice can prevent low employee performance and diminishing profits.

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