Best Way to Build Customer Loyalty

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Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of every business in every industry. With it, you can withstand almost anything, from economic failures to public-relations scandals. Without it, your business is vulnerable to changing consumer demand and market fluctuations. Building true loyalty takes time and focused effort — and a concerted focus on the customer.

The best way to build customer loyalty is to orient your entire business around the people who are buying your products or services. Each part of the brand experience, from the first advertisement to the last service call, must be focused on making the customer happy. The process requires a commitment and a willingness to make changes in every department.

Products and Services

Perhaps the most important way to focus on the customer is to provide the best possible products and services. In many businesses, price often trumps quality, leading to inadequate products or services that fail to meet consumer expectations. To build customer loyalty, you must find the perfect balance between production costs and price point. Your products or services must work perfectly for their intended purpose; even minor frustrations or malfunctions can erode customer loyalty over time. Delivery must be consistently on time. If possible, you should aim to exceed customer expectations with each purchase.


Communication is a crucial part of building customer loyalty. As you examine the sales cycle, consider what the customer needs and wants at each point. Then, find ways to keep him engaged and happy. Instead of requiring a customer to log in to find out if a product has shipped, send an automatic email. If a shipment is delayed, let the customer know immediately and offer compensation. Use language that is friendly and professional, and always leave the lines of communication open. Whenever possible, personalize your communication to let the customer know that you care. Always remember that communication is a two-way street. Ask for feedback, listen carefully to responses, and put suggestions into action whenever possible. When a customer sees that you've taken his input and made real changes to the business, it makes a lasting impact.

Conflict Resolution

No business is perfect, and unhappy customers are inevitable. Instead of writing a customer off as lost, build loyalty by providing excellent customer service. Train your customer service agents to deal with angry callers in a way that diffuses the tension and de-escalates the conversation. For all complaints and service calls, aim to provide service that delights and pleases the customer. Although it sounds simple, the process requires significant dedication and investment on the part of the company. You must provide adequate training, ensure that each employee acts in service of the brand message and empower agents to create innovative solutions. When a customer ends a service call, he should be happier and more dedicated to your company than before.

By ensuring that each part of your business revolves around the customer, you can boost brand satisfaction. When shoppers' expectations are consistently met and exceeded, customer loyalty is a natural by-product.


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