A Pizza Vending Machine? Take a Look

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Everyone loves pizza. No matter how old you are, it's hard to turn down a slice. In fact, in America, we eat a lot of pizza. According to some reports, Americans eat 46 slices per person each year. When I first saw the numbers, I thought that they were really high. Then I started thinking about it, and since the number is per year, that means every time I had a slice or two all year. After giving it some consideration, I think the number is about right.

Pizza is big business and the industry nets $32 billion a year. Still, the pizza makers want us to eat even more. As it is, we have pizza shops, frozen pizza, ready made pizza to take home and cook and even pizza trucks. Between pizza rolls and pizza delivery, can there even be another way to deliver a hot, cheesy pie?

The answer is yes. A company called A1 Concepts has come up with a superfast pizza-from-scratch bending machine. The machine, called Let's Pizza was a hit in Europe, and the company is hoping that it will be just as popular in America.

The big selling point for the machine is speed. In just 2.5 minutes, the machine can mix and knead the dough, put tomato sauce on it, cover it with cheese and whatever other toppings you want and cook it in an infra-red oven. Take a look at the video:

Although the machine is being marketed as pizza untouched by human hands, I think that the $5.99 price combined with the speed will make it popular among those who want a quick pizza snack for a good price.

What do you think? Do you imagine seeing these big, red machines sitting beside the RedBox? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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