8 Reasons to Consider a Career Change

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If you are one of the lucky few that loves your job and it is very secure, then you will never have to consider a change in your career. But, if you are like most other people, you will face changes in your career several times during your lifetime.

A change in your career is not necessarily negative – it can be a great opportunity for you to explore new interests and to take risks. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are ready for a career change, take a look at the following reasons listed below. If any of them sound familiar, then now is the time to plan for a change.

Top 8 Reasons

  1. Boredom – many people cite this as one of the top reasons they decided to switch careers. It is not just normal spells of boredom – it affects your productivity and level of satisfaction. Many people say they hate their job when in fact it is boredom that they are experiencing.
  2. Money – this is a big motivator. After all, who doesn’t want to make more money so that they can afford the things they want in life? If you feel like you are not being paid what you are worth or if you are constantly saying “if only I had the money…” then you could benefit by finding a higher paying job.
  3. Location – location, location location is not just for real estate. How close or far you live from work affects your satisfaction with your current job. Dealing with constant rush hour traffic and long commute times is enough to make many people decide to leave their current position.
  4. Management – many don’t give enough credit to managers and supervisors to being a reason for driving employees away. Poor communication, micro-management, and a lack of control over one’s workday are big reasons to seek greener pastures.
  5. Benefits – medical and supplemental benefits are an important part of any job. Some employers will pay more for benefits; while others will pass off the charges to their employees. Almost every person wants an adequate and comprehensive plan of benefits and if you’re current employer is failing to meet the bar, it is very good reason to look into a more beneficial career.
  6. Purpose – are you in the profession you wanted to be in as a child? Chances are that you are not. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be – there are plenty of adult education classes offered at local colleges and online to get the education you need in order to start that great career. We all want to feel like our career is what you were meant to do in life. You can achieve your dream – you just need to research and come up with a plan of action.
  7. Unappreciated – many employers underestimate the power of employee praise and recognition. Many people are motivated by these forces and thrive off of appreciation. If those needs are not being met, then the person will slowly lose their drive and motivation and will resent their job. This is a big reason why many people will switch careers – so that they feel their efforts make a difference.
  8. Layoff – okay, so this one is not really a choice, but it is still a reason for a career change. Turn the negative into a positive by exploring your interests and pursuing work that will make you happy and satisfied.

Changing careers doesn’t have to be scary so long as you are prepared for the change. Make sure that you always keep your resume and references current. Stay in touch with how satisfied and happy you are with your current job. Do thorough research on other careers that interest you.

If a career change is not possible for you right now, consider approaching your supervisor with ideas on how to revamp your current position in order to make it more satisfying and meaningful for you.

Work is a major component of your life and the careers we choose should reflect that importance. It is not meant to just pay the bills (although that is a big part of it) – it is possible to derive pleasure and satisfaction from work. The average person will dedicate over three-fourths of his or her life to work; therefore that work should mean something. It all boils down to the right to choose a career that means something to you.

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